Murdoch backs Hancock over Mandatory Vaccines for care workers

“It is an unprecedented and controversial step. But ministers should press ahead”

– The TImes

Over the course of eight paragraphs today’s Times argues that the jab should be mandatory for all care workers.

It goes a little something like this (italics being The Times) :

The Times view on mandatory Covid vaccination for health and care workers: Taking Care

It is an unprecedented and controversial step. But ministers should press ahead

(It is instructive to see the engineering of consent unfold in real time. The first paragraph lays out some stats and establishes a need.)

“Britain’s vaccination programme has succeeded in protecting the vast majority of those most vulnerable to Covid-19. These include principally the elderly and those afflicted with serious underlying conditions. That is a formidable achievement, and one that will prevent many thousands of deaths and hospitalisations. Yet despite the progress of the vaccine campaign, at least a quarter of the country’s 1.5 million care workers have not yet had the jab. Only about a quarter of care homes in London and barely half in the rest of England have staff and residents vaccinated in sufficient numbers to be judged safe.”

Readers are invited to mind the gap, and, on purely aesthetic grounds, expected to want to close it.

Protocol demands it. That sort of thing.

Even though, strictly speaking, the thing in question (mandatory vaccination) goes against protocol.

It is no wonder that Matt Hancock, the health secretary, has said that the law could be changed to make vaccination compulsory for care workers. No responsible minister could tolerate a state of affairs in which those in close contact and caring for the vulnerable actually endanger them. Much will be made of questions of ethics should Mr Hancock press ahead with the plan. Already trade unions representing care workers have said that mandatory vaccinations would amount to coercion. Instead they urge education and support for the hesitant or unwilling. Others argue that compulsory vaccination is largely without precedent in this country.

“It is no wonder that” – the “it is self evident” argument. Is it self evident? Really? Self evident that the law could be changed to take choice away from care workers. Having already taken choice away from every care home resident.

“No responsible Minister could tolerate a state of affairs bla bla bla” We are being asked to forget the lies we have been sold about the vaccine being of any effectiveness in stopping the spread of infection. If residents have been vaccinated then either the vaccine works or it doesn’t.

Hancock is just forcing more vaccines on a captive market.

“Much will be made of ethics..”

The Times attempts to undermine the ethics argument simply by saying it will be used by the unions (the ones that represent care workers).

But they don’t provide any valid reasons why care worker representatives should be ignored.

The Times goes on to say that the pandemic is without precedent so it is ok to also make vaccination switch from voluntary to compulsory – without precedent.

That :

In the context of a public health crisis, demanding inoculation against Covid is a minor incursion on personal liberty relative to restrictions that have been demanded by government and made without complaint by most Britons over the past year.

The US soldiers drafted to fight in Vietnam were a brilliant set of customers for the then heroin market.

And now having lost those customers, and with far fewer options when it comes to selling opium in China, the lovely chaps over at Wall Street and the City of London need to identify captive markets.

The British have always been known for selling weapons to both sides.

This time it’s vaccines to patients and caregivers.

Were there more money in the music and other divisions of the entertainment industry we might not have gone down this road.

Gangsters need easy money.

The US Management firm McKinsey and their multibillionaire opiate dealing client Purdue Pharma have had to enter agreements with various US states to pay hundreds of millions of dollars and never sell opiates again.

McKinsey has shaped NHS policy for decades.

This is from 2011. McKinsey have structured UK health in a way that is derived from their insights into US health.

Of course there is little chance of getting rid of them in the UK. But the yanks do appear to have done something about the Sackler billionaires that run Purdue with McKinsey. Perhaps there is hope. I really don’t know.

As you can possibly tell from my general tone, I am no longer even angry about this. I accept it. Not that humans are all by nature venal under all circumstances.

But yes, it happens, it happens a lot. And if you’re any good it then it’s hard to stop.

If cocaine is God’s way of telling you that you have too much money, what are other drugs telling us?

Meth is you are a really determined worker and will sacrifice your body to get the task done.

Opium is telling us there’s a radically changing socio-economic outlook while entering the 20th century.

Opiates are God’s way of telling us to push ourselves to the edge of death and enjoy the extreme euphoria but don’t kill ourselves by crossing that line.

I am about to read my friend and fellow musketeer Roger Lewis’ (Porthos) latest offering:

Intellectually speaking Roger wears more hats than Mr Benn. That’s not to say he doesn’t mean what he says or know what he means. But the connections he draws betweens different arguments made in supposedly different fields are cogent, illuminating and memorable.

This is KRS-ONE’s latest. Album number 23.

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