President Trump rude to Jewish and African American Reporters in first solo press conference

The President was rude to Jewish and African American reporters yesterday, uttered untruths about his election results, and was combative when asked about about his campaign’s contact with Russia.

He also contradicted himself over the sacking of senior adviser Mike Flynn.

Trump accuses all journalists of issuing fake news — consistent with his senior advisor Steve Bannon’s statements that the Press are the enemy.

April Ryan

Trump tells journalist April Ryan he would be happy to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. He asks her if she’s friends with the Black Caucus and if she wants to set up the meeting. Even though he is showing interest in arranging a meeting many would regard this to be racist because of way Trump speaks to the reporter. Asking her if she wants to arrange the meeting implies he views her as a civil rights campaigner and not a proper journalist.

Seth Myers

Stephen Colbert

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