Banks, Computers, Infinity: Turing Completeness & Godel’s Incompleteness

I am lost — in yesterday’s Philosophy of Infinity lesson we were told we’ll be meeting Godel’s Incompleteness later on in the course.


I believe this precedes Turing Completeness — how are they connected?

In November I saw a 2014 youtube interview in which Vitalik Buterin talks about Ethereum on Singularity.

I had just heard about Ethereum at a UK Parliament hackathon where UK Civil Servants collaborate with coders to help improve the public’s awareness of public data.

A friendly coder / entrepreneur told me that given my interest in banking and politics I should be tracking Bitcoin — a digital cryptocurrency. I was unimpressed — why would I be interested in Bitcoin?

He then pointed out to me that underpinning the digital currency is a revolutionary technology called Blockchain. I had heard of Blockchain but I had never made any attempt to understand what it meant.

I was told Ethereum were the most innovative of the various players in the blockchain space.

When I looked them up on Youtube that night, I saw Vitalik mention Turing Completeness for the first time and since then I’ve been wondering what it all means.

Maybe this video will help:

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