Tory Chairman Ben Elliot’s role in Quintessentially English global prostitution racket

Quintessentially English

Ben Elliot, the Chairman of the Conservative Party, nephew of Prince Charles, close friend of Zac Goldsmith, and Boris Johnson’s tennis partner, co-founded and co-owns Quintessentially, an elite services or ‘concierge company’ which created and registered the website of an international escort agency offering “high class models” to “high-profile gentlemen”, according the Financial Times.

The cached profile for Le Besoin could be found on the Escort Directory this morning.

Le Besoin’s Netherlands profile was last updated in February 2018. An image of 25 year old ‘Bianca’ appears with a German telephone number, a Dubai location, the web address, and an “ask for price” statement.

Another profile is still up on a Dubai Escorts page

Le Besoin’s Twitter account is also still going, though not active for seven years.

Elliot’s firm Quintessentially won a £1.4 million UK Government contract to entertain wealthy decision makers

Elliott was also accused of being a bully and a fraudster by two female former partners in Quintessentially – he settled out of court.

Along with that other alleged bully Priti Patel, Ben Elliot cut his teeth doing PR for Patrick Robertson at Sir Jimmy Goldsmith’s Referendum Party

Robertson represented Augosto Pinochet and worked with Neil Hamilton, Jonathan Aitken and Tim Bell. He recently represented Bill Browder.

It’s a Family Affair

According to a 2001 Guardian article, Quintessentially was set up by Ben Elliot and his first cousin Tom Parker Bowles, Prince Charles’s step-son and godson.

Tom Parker Bowles and Ben Elliot with their uncle Mark Shand
Ben Elliot with Boris Johnson

Elliot owns 20% of Hawthorn Advisors a PR firm that has represented Huawei, Tory Lord Barker who lobbied for US sanctions to be lifted against Russian aluminium firm EN+, and Alison Rose in her succesful bid to become CEO of RBS / Nat West.

Quintessentially’s numbers make absolutely no sense as the firm reported $23m revenue in 2018 while claiming to employ 1,000 staff.

There is clearly something other than just business driving this hospitality firm.

For more on the alternative take on Bill Browder and Magnitsky:

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