Head of NHS England Simon Stevens may be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for defrauding the US taxpayer of hundreds of millions of dollars

Defrauding Families in the UK

The following story about overcharging at private care homes appeared on page 2 of yesterday’s Daily Mail – before the announcement of the ‘snap election’:

Similar Strategy in the US

This story has many similarities to  the US Department of Justice’s investigation into US Health Insurer United Health’s pilfering of the American public purse in its Medicare programme.

Simon Stevens

The man who ran the Medicare programme when UnitedHealth allegedly overcharged the American taxpayer by hundreds of millions of dollars was Simon Stevens – current head of NHS England.

According to his current LinkedIn Profile, Stevens was Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare Medicare between 2006 – 2009

His CV goes on to say:

America’s leading seniors health company, with $30 billion revenues and serving one-in-five Medicare beneficiaries nationwide in partnership with AARP – the world’s largest voluntary organization. Launched the largest Medicare Part D benefits plan, also managing the largest Medicare-focused PBM.

Here’s a screenshot from LinkedIn: 


Conflict of Interests

So if Simon Stevens knew about the multimillion dollar fraud cases that took place on his watch – did he  declare or disclose any of this to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, or to NHS England?

It is now in the public interest for all correspondence between Simon Stevens, NHS England and Jeremy Hunt prior to his 2014 appointment to be made public.

Corporate Takeover

Stevens advised the Department of Health and Blair throughout the period when the NHS was using PFI to build hospitals. So he basically aided and abetted the bankruptcy of the NHS and now looks to be finishing off the job.

Election Issue

This ought to be an election issue. I hope Shadow Health secretary John Ashworth raises this conflict of interests during the campaign.

Can such an individual be trusted to look after the NHS?

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  1. Geoff Green says:

    This is typical of these corrupt Tories ruining , sorry I meant ruling our country. Even if there was no wrong doing it certainly throws an massive element of doubt and sucpission into the pot. You only have to look at J.H and this guy to see the look of ” do I really care” on their faces. It’s about time we dethroned thick government and then prosecuted them for all the wrong doing and deviation they have brought to this country

  2. Brioni Mace says:

    Now we know why he was chosen to head NHS, his experience in the USA private sector health care which is stealthily being introduced here.
    The NHS is being set up as a cash cow for the private sector to milk.
    We need transparency more than ever, we will never get that with the millionaire MP’s in the tory party, Corbyn is right! its all rigged in favour of the political and financial elete.
    Vote Corbyn to get real change

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