Wikileaks Founder denied Fair Trial in Fascist UK #FreeAssange #ExtraditionRebellion

Yesterday Julian Assange was on trial in London.

This was all the BBC website gave him:

Nervous State Propaganda

Look at the time they put it out. After midnight. How many do you reckon signed off on it? BBC Staff on secondment from MOD & FCO?

How UK media operates.

After all, this news story is the only searchable story the BBC are putting out about a high profile publisher and political prisoner on UK soil.

Imagine if Putin had done that. Kleptocrats without Borders!

Of course Putin’s channel RT has covered it.

And is the only outlet with any images of Julian Assange.

This was on page twenty of the Murdoch-owned Times:

Page 20 of today’s Times (Murdoch Press)

The Guardian put this on page 17.

Daily Security Services Bulletin

No mention of the paper’s collaboration with Assange and its later cosying back up with Security Services.

Meanwhile over at the Mail:

If you ever needed evidence that the BBC and the Press Barons work together to silence dissenting voices, this is it.

Man who publishes evidence of war crimes, including the killing of Reuters journalists by US helicopters in Iraq, is on trial with next to no coverage but the news cycle dictates that former soldier and member of the Royal Household’s relationship with his brother, the heir to the throne, is of more significance than the extradition to a country with the death penalty of by far the most significant publisher in recent history.

Donald Trump famously praised WikiLeaks all the way to the White House in 2016:

Channel Four News covered 7 stories including quite a few minutes on the diseases caused by repeatedly heading footballs, but no mention of Julian Assange’s extradition trial.

Meanwhile Rutly / RT got this footage:

Yesterday four firms settled out of court with local governments in Ohio to avoid facing trial over their role in the Opioid epidemic in America that costs thousands of lives each year.

Why do “western values” allow too big to jail corporate criminals to openly deal death on the streets while persecuting people who expose war crimes and the slaughter of innocents?

It is clear. Corporate Criminals and Kleptocrats are running wild and those who call them out are immediately repressed.

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