Hyper-Financialisation of Universities : Martin Wolf Vs Anthony Seldon

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Strange to see FT’s resident Bilderberger Martin Wolf attacking University reform last week.

Anthony Seldon is often quoted in the Sunday Times as an Education and Happiness Expert.

He is Blair and Cameron’s official biographer and believes in “student experience”.

Student Experience and happiness are code words for ‘utility’ — an imaginary (and subjective) system for comparing and quantifying human preferences.

Just as the term ‘financial engineering’ was created to make Harvard and Princeton Physics graduates feel better about selling their souls to the devil as they became money-grabbing Wall Street ‘Quants’ — so too are the words happiness, well-being, mindfulness and even meditation now being deployed to not just morally but also scientifically justify the elimination of opportunity to all but those who can afford it.

Seldon’s dad Arthur Seldon set up the Institute of Economic Affairs and was a founder member of New Labour’s favourite think tank — Demos.

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