Ursula Von der Leyen’s gender balanced pro-war pro-austerity European Commission

Sajid (or Dom’s) splurge, Archbishop of Canterbury’s flip, & more

Adonis slams BBC Regulator – OFCOM – over Collusive Corruption

By Ranjan Balakumaran Biased Sheila The deputy head of Ofcom – the BBC’s regulator – Baroness Noakes, has been done for anti-Labour tweeting in the past. She has consistently voted with the Government for Brexit in the Lords and is therefore too biased to regulate the BBC. She shouldn’t be allowed to back the Government… Continue reading Adonis slams BBC Regulator – OFCOM – over Collusive Corruption

Genie in a Bottle

Davos In the third series of House of Cards, the President (played by Kevin Spacey) decides to create a New Deal-type jobs programme. A Keynesian stimulus — just like America First. This week’s Davos World Economic Forum is the perfect chance for Trump to talk up his protectionist programme: Trump’s only attending to stop President Xi… Continue reading Genie in a Bottle

Culture Wars: When ‘Consent’ means Rape

Adultery just made an appearance in the NYT Ethicist Column: The reader claims although he and his wife love each other, she’s been very ill and has said he can have affairs. He’s agonising over whether to be honest about his situation with future sexual partners. He disclosed his circumstances on a dating site and… Continue reading Culture Wars: When ‘Consent’ means Rape

Tory Confusion over Brexit

The Pound looks likely to collapse during the upcoming Tory Party conference Financial Markets are looking for reassurance. Instead they have been treated to David Davis. Amber Rudd will remember her speech about companies having to report the amount of foreign staff on their books. This policy was a disaster – but the Government don’t… Continue reading Tory Confusion over Brexit