Genie in a Bottle


In the third series of House of Cards, the President (played by Kevin Spacey) decides to create a New Deal-type jobs programme.

A Keynesian stimulus — just like America First.

This week’s Davos World Economic Forum is the perfect chance for Trump to talk up his protectionist programme:

Trump’s only attending to stop President Xi stealing the show.

But authoritarian China is now so embedded in the world economy that even Trump can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.

President Xi the Genie is quite a thought.

Especially as Ali Baba, not Aladdin, represents the biggest 1001 Nights story in China.

AliPay, owned by Ant Financial, part of the Alibaba Group, is expanding globally.

They just had a buyout of MoneyGram in the US rejected on security grounds.

But they’re already here in the UK – they are a backer of Ofo.

And in the shops too –  at least in Qatari-owned Harrods.

China are also in the English Premier League:

As Cameron and Lord Chadlington’s UK-China fund is already lobbying on behalf of Chinese Government backed firms to penetrate UK Public Services in Fin-Tech and Healthcare Sectors ie NHS, it’s time to start worrying: 

It won’t be long before AliBaba run the NHS along with US insurance firm United Health.

Ali Baba have very sophisticated voice and facial recognition technology.

Recognising your voice in a crowded room.

This is happening at the House of Commons Health Select Committee on Tuesday:

2.30 pm

Health – Oral Evidence Session
Memorandum of understanding on data-sharing between NHS Digital and the Home Office

Yusef Azad, Director of Strategy, National AIDS Trust
Dr Joanne Bailey, Member of the Advisory Panel, National Data Guardian
Marissa Begonia, Coordinator, Voices of Domestic Workers
Dr Lucinda Hiam, General Practitioner, Doctors of the World
Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement, Public Health England
Lord O’Shaughnessy, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health (Lords), Department of Health
Sir Ian Andrews, Non-executive Director, NHS Digital
Sarah Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer, NHS Digital
Caroline Nokes, Minister for Immigration, Home Office
Jonathan Marron, Director General, Community Care, Department of Health
Hugh Ind, Director General of Immigration Enforcement, Home Office

Location: The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

What’s going on?

Potential parallels with the Indian Aadhaar Biometric ID card System & the Chinese Sesame Credit Social Credit Rating Agency (owned by AliBaba) — with a bit of deportation thrown in.

In China if you get a high Sesame Credit score you can get a visa and skip customs as you are trusted.

On the flip-side will you need a high UK social credit score just to stay in the UK?

Aadhaar and Sesame Credit link State, FinTech, Big Data, Health, Insurance, Surveillance & Privacy.

Sesame Credit is a good example of State and Corporations working hand in hand.

TenCent are another big Chinese firm that do Social Credit Systems.

Despite the American Committee for Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) recently blocking Ali Baba’s Ant Financial from buying MoneyGram for Security / Data reasons, in the UK we’re handing the Chinese Government the keys to our Nuclear Park — so why not all our data and (linked) healthcare technology too?

Why wouldn’t Home secretary Amber Rudd use such surveillance technology?

Amber Rudd knows a thing or two about Economic Crime:

Nicholas Wilson voiced some concerns at the Hustings at Hastings


Turns out once again that he was utterly vindicated

Chinese Surveillance Technology

Any surveillance technology Amber Rudd buys from China is going to be even more effective for having been developed under authoritarian conditions.


This is from HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson

Here is a recent must watch film about HSBC, UK, China and Hinkley – Unbelievable final 20 minutes:

The National Data Guardian released a report in December.

They say it’s to inform patients of the uses of data sharing but it looks to me like it’s all about Big Business, FinTech and Insurance

National Data Guardian for Health and Care 2017 report

Speaking of NHS and Big Data, also taking place on Tuesday:

3.15 pm

Artificial Intelligence Committee – Oral Evidence Session

This session will look at how algorithms and AI are changing the nature of healthcare delivery. It will also consider the ways in which the NHS can harness the value of its data without compromising on patient privacy and consent.

(at 3:30 pm)
Dr Julian Huppert, Chair, Independent Review Panel for DeepMind Health
Ms Nicola Perrin, Head, Understanding Patient Data, Wellcome Trust
Dr Sobia Raza, Head of Science, PHG Foundation
(at 4:30 pm)
Dame Fiona Caldicott, National Data Guardian for Health and Care, Office of the National Data Guardian
Dr Hugh Harvey, Clinical Artificial Intelligence Researcher and Consultant Radiologist, Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
Professor Martin Severs, Medical Director, NHS Digital

Location: Room 4A, Palace of Westminster



Breaking: Corrupt Money Launderers HSBC bankrolled Corrupt Cameron & Corrupt Osborne’s Trips to Davos

Corrupt Money Launderers HSBC bankrolled David Cameron and George Osborne’s trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2009, it has emerged.

The controversial lender lent the gaffe-prone billionaire bookie and former Tory Treasurer Michael Spencer £200 million pounds just a day before the massive Iceland Crisis that wiped billions of pounds off the balance sheets of many UK Local Authorities.

Many of these cash strapped Local Authorities had invested in Iceland because of advice given to them by one of Michael Spencer’s firms — Butlers.

Shortly after getting a £200million bailout from HSBC and narrowly avoiding bankruptcy because of the Iceland debacle (unlike his local authority clients), Spencer donated a million pounds to the Tory party.

It was around this time that Spencer’s holding company IPGL paid for Cameron and Osborne to fly to Davos by private jet.

This revelation is all the more galling given that Cameron and Osborne are known to have shaped regulation to favour HSBC and Spencer’s ICAP and torpedoed investigations into both firms both in the UK and the USA.

Some anti-corruption researchers and campaigners raised this issue with the HSBC board at the Bank’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London on Friday but were sidelined.

The Canary have run a piece on the scandal which has received zero pick-up in the mainstream press.

For more info on Spencer read this article by the excellent I am Incorrigible :



Cameron and Letwin plotted to cap bank tax

The Sunday Times claim a leaked document has revealed that David Cameron and Oliver Letwin wanted to “cap taxes for the banks”.

According to the leaked memo Letwin endorsed Cameron’s plans for an “aggregated City tax take” which would have prevented the government from increasing the banking levy.

The cap on the banking levy was proposed in the early days of the coalition, but was blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

The memo reveals that Letwin suggested that a cap on taxes should have started with a “small club” of high street banks belonging to the British Bankers Association.

“If this worked, we could move on to the hedge funds”, Letwin added.

When asked about the bank tax proposal yesterday Letwin claimed to have “absolutely no recollection”.



BROMANCE SHOCKER: Cameron Comes Clean Over Trump

David Cameron has declared his ‘respect’ for Donald Trump — but most Britons haven’t forgotten the Bush/Blair relationship and fear another murderous Bromance.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 09.18.27

For the sake of context let it be known that neither the Bush family:

nor religious Republican Speaker Paul Ryan

are prepared to endorse Donald Trump:

Yet Cameron openly states that Trump ‘deserves respect’

I wonder if he’ll have his wife’s chest signed too — along with TTIP.


The fragrant Samantha Cameron was unavailable for comment.

Trump Signs Sam Cam


Trump & Cameron: The Love-In Begins

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 09.18.27

The perversity of politics is such that neither the Bush family:

nor the religious right-wing fundamentalist Paul Ryan:

are willing to endorse Donald Trump:

but UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he deserves our respect!