Orwellian UK Free Speech Debate

Whereas inequality has tended to be lowered only after serious struggles, at this point the struggles themselves are being outlawed.

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AOC and Peter Oborne on the normalisation of political lying

Nudged in New Cross

Behaviouralist Bants So I thought Skinner was the bad guy. The really mechanistic one. Or was it Watson? Who said we are basically all the same and that our feelings and personal stories don’t really matter. That there is no such thing as experience. That we are all automatons. The one who put his daughter… Continue reading Nudged in New Cross

Theresa May winds up China to please Trump — what about Hinkley & HSBC?

The FT says Theresa May won’t endorse the Chinese Belt and Road initiative. Theresa May declines to endorse China’s Belt and Road initiative https://t.co/XGMRb1NHhh via @financialtimes — Ranjan Balakumaran (@financialeyes) January 30, 2018 The BBC: Here’s HSBC’s website HSBC has been named Best Overall International Bank for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the inaugural… Continue reading Theresa May winds up China to please Trump — what about Hinkley & HSBC?

Farage openly promoting Marine Le Pen

Before Brexit Nigel Farage wouldn’t have been seen dead with Marine Le Pen. But since “quitting politics” he’s already backed Trump in the US election and now he’s doing the same for the leader of the French National Front. Double Standards In the tenth minute of this 40 minute interview Farage asks Le Pen if… Continue reading Farage openly promoting Marine Le Pen