Blag Blag Blag

Blagging Culture

I met up with ex-Sunday Times Blagger John Ford last week.

He is a key player in UK Information Politics as his repeated use of deception to obtain scoops for Rupert Murdoch are but a precursor of what will come in the future.

Leveson 2

The Leveson Inquiry into Phone Hacking and other invasions of privacy was supposed to be divided into two parts.

The government voted to cancel the second half of the inquiry and the Judicial Review on Thursday represents the last chance for the Leveson Inquiry to be completed.

If it is not completed, the government and particularly the press will get a green light to use all sorts of surveillance on us all. We will be delivered into a Stasi-style information surveillance state in which none of us will be able to say anything as we will be gagged but all our moves will be monitored.

More to come.

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