Government Green Zionist Ben Goldsmith in Wild Boar ‘Rewilding’ Scandal

Outspoken Zionist Ben Goldsmith, a non executive on the board of the Department of the Environment has been lying to his neighbours about feeding and releasing wild boar from his farm in Somerset.

A National Pig Association statement said : ‘Feeding wild boar is irresponsible but even more so if they are near to or on a pig farm. In addition to the disease risk, they destroy crops, gardens and woodland, cause road traffic accidents and have attacked people.’

The youngest son of the tycoon Sir James Goldsmith opted for victim status by saying he is an enthusiast for ‘rewilding’ – bringing wild animals back to areas from which they have disappeared, and returning areas back to nature without human intervention. 

He said he was an ‘easy target’ because he champions rewilding, but insists he did not release the wild boar.

Goldsmith is an enthusiastic Zionist and denies the existence of the far-right and white nationalists in the UK.

He obviously sees no contradiction between his support for bringing animals back to areas from which they have disappeared and the behaviour of the Israeli Government which since the late 1940s has knowingly contravened international law by expelling innocent Palestinians from their homes before either stealing the homes or bulldozing them in favour of Israeli settlements. 

Ben Goldsmith’s brother Zac is an environment Minister and currently a member of the House of Lords. 

Zac Goldsmith was voted out of his Richmond constituency in December but rewarded with a peerage and made a Minister despite being democratically ejected from Parliament by his constituents. 

Zac Goldsmith was defeated by current London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the 2016 elections mainly because Goldsmith fought an Islamophobic campaign under the guidance of Boris Johnson’s election strategist the Australian Lynton Crosby.

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