How’s that coup coming along?

There no coups in the UK. We just adapt. Some people might call it switching sides. Collaborating. Sleeping with the Enemy. Hypocrisy. Spinelessness. Disloyalty. Dishonesty. But that is to be kind. One has to survive. And if one accepts that that is the goal, then all else is up for grabs. So Rule No.1: Throw anyone under the bus. Rule No.2: Let there be no limitations. ie throw lots of people under the bus including family, friends, and especially the innocent. Rule No.3: There are no Rules.

This piece came out on Tech Crunch last night.

I see someone has commented. Do you think numbers are low because no-one is interested, everyone is lazy, or because people are too scared of being surveilled.

Here is the story in the Guardian on Tuesday evening – six hours after the original Buzzfeed piece. Strange that it didn’t make the actual paper. Interesting that, for a story with the word alarm in it, there has been no follow up. Comments disabled, of course.

Is this like what happened when Hervé Falciani handed new ECB head Christine Lagarde a bunch of confidential HSBC tax files (Swiss Leaks) when she was the French Finance Minister?

She managed to get them to the Greek Government but quite cleverly didn’t get too involved.

So anyway the Guardian did something good, but didn’t put in the paper, allow comments or commission follow ups…

The Buzzfeed piece:

Needless to say BBC have completely ignored this story. Not a trace. Channel Four haven’t mentioned it either. Maybe they lack the resources? Maybe they lack the desire. Even UK Column haven’t touched it. Oversight? Or are they too controlled opposition?

Computer Weekly last night:

Independent touch it – look at the comments (there are only two)

One of the Comments points to this. The Big Kahuna. Look at the Pericles bit. :

The book Ratfucked springs to mind. It’s about gerrymandering. Except this time it’s cognitive. Neuro-rigging. With Maps. These are the people behind Cambridge Analytica, aren’t, they?

Johnson, Patel, Gove, Cummings.

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