The Boris Johnson Phenomenon: Kiddy Fudge Pack Special

All that Ernst Rohm-style libertarian fudge packing at Guido must blind it to the optics of backing far right BS artist Alexander “Boris” “de Pfeffel” “Johnson” Kemal.

Kemal is the son of a fellow BS artist who goes by the name of Stanley Johnson.

Stanley Johnson should really be called Stanley Kemal as his own father was called Osman Kemal.

The Kemal, taken from Osman’s father Ali Kemal, was dropped in favour of Osman’s grandmother’s maiden name, Johnson.

All somewhat ironic given the penile note “Boris Johnson” etched onto the leaving book on his last day at Eton College.

That his main goal in life was “to secure more notches on my phallocratic phallus”

For such a great white patriarchy hype figure who puts so much emphasis on his phallus, it is quite telling that he is in such profound denial about his 100% patrineal Muslim bloodline.

Osman Kemal’s grandmother raised Osman as Wilfred and gave him her maiden name so not to appear too Ottoman during WWI.

The Ottomans happened to side with the Germans at that time.

So it’s even funnier still that Stanley Johnson has passed down the “de Pfeffel” onto his son, because that comes from his maternal grandmother’s maiden name — which just happens to be German.

So the PM is not just a shape shifter, he is drawn from a line of multigenerational duplicitous pragmatism.

It was during this period that Lord Mountbatten’s family changed its name from Battenberg to seem less German, the Royal Family too switched from Saxe Coburg & Gotha to Windsor due to anti-German sentiment.

Incest and paedophilia go hand in hand with modern Royalty.

The Queen and Prince Phillip are cousins and The Queen’s husband’s Uncle Louis Mountbatten is alleged to have been a notorious paedophile but who got away with it as he was a top military man.

Mountbatten was also apparently involved in a coup to overthrow the Labour Government in the 1960s.

For now we have Fake News in elections and Boris working to defend the right of Establishment Paedophiles.

I asked the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse if it would look into the Mountbatten allegations re: Kincora, a boys care home in Northern Ireland where many Top Government adults came to rape the boys.

They refused, saying Northern Ireland and Scotland are outside their remit. Who decided that, I wonder?

Boris said on LBC that money spent investigating “Historic Sex Abuse” is money “spaffed against a wall”.

It turns out his Digital PR man Craig Dillon has made videos defending Cliff Richard, Paul Gambacinni, and the notorious alleged paeedophile and convicted sex offender, the Tory Harvey Proctor.

In The Boris Show US writer Michael Wolff got Johnson to say he was “ready to be Vichy-like” in the case that a foreign billionaire bought the Spectator magazine where he worked.

For more evidence of his sycophancy, he referred to his own voice as sheep-like when speaking with President Trump at the G7.

This is deeply humiliating but makes perfect sense when contextualised by his great grandfather’s murder.

Ali Kemal was chopped into bits because he wanted to turn the Ottoman Empire into a British protectorate.

Till now I feared Brexit might mean we become Puerto Rico – a 51st state of the United States of America.

But now I can see that Russia, Iran, Algeria are all way ahead of us.

We will catch them up one day, if we are lucky.

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