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Hello and welcome to the beginning of your day.

Today starts a couple of weeks off of work for Financial Eyes who has just completed a couple of months as a learner support assistant in the more autistic end of the education system.

The work is rewarding as Financial Eyes considers himself autistic and benefits from being in such an environment.

And the banter amongst the inmates is more profound and far sharper than what I saw in the City of London.

Either way, London Conversation is looking for contributors ( the team currently stands at one) & to output more blogs and recordings from now on.

Mining the Twitter Stream

When your leader makes Elmer Fudd look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and sound like Albert Einstein.

Politics is a dirty sport and Orban really has been on great terms with Modi, Trump, Johnson, Netanyahu, but he deserves his win as the Brussels and US offer is widely mistrusted by his electorate.

If Biden & Von Der Leyen were serious about winning power in Hungary they would learn from Orban how to more effectively bribe his people.

How else do you think Boris Johnson has been so successful in his permanent state of electioneering?

Instead they appear to allow their candidates to go in with the same old same old unphased by the fact that it permanently produces the same results.

What will they do to punish Hungarians next?

Sir Keir Starmer takes advice from Lord Mandelson and therefore prefers hushing up abuse victims and pretending the problem will go away.

To be fair it works more than nine times out of ten – but not always.

They’re still victims of crime and as such should still have a case against all perpetrators and accomplices.

Will they be helped along by a mainstream and independent media whose agenda may be to only ever cover the matter quickly so as to effectively cover up and move on?

Good thread from French campaign group Attac highlighting the preferential treatment handed to French billionaire Bernard Arnault.

He owns media and luxury goods, avoids tax by registering everything in offshore tax havens and gets all the special treatment you’d expect of a billionaire.

Would be good if UK campaigners felt like highlighting what we know is happening over here.

Even if it just is for the benefit of UK social media.

Would be better than nothing.

Pro-military wonks pro-militarily wonking themselves off.

The opening statement from Eduardo Galleano’s Open Veins of Latin America could certainly extend to Jaffna. All very nice for the Rajapaksas to have done deals with the Chinese to “end the war” et cetera but now that the bills have come in you have unhappy Tamils and Sinhalese suddenly all Sri Lankan and united against corruption.

Indian government looking profoundly uncomfortable with freedom of movement, freedom of speech, &  freedom to practise Islam.

Is conversion therapy, like FGM, something that is not practised by 99% of Christians or Africans yet profoundly good at making the papers because it distracts from partygate, poverty, inflation?

Wonder if the election was rigged in the ways most people would mean? ie that the vote was miscounted. Or do many anti-Orban critics perhaps unknowingly have their own organised crime globalist agenda in which precious few Hungarians have been allowed to prosper ?

Joe Biden is telling the poorest Indians to help finance his son Hunter Biden’s old client Ukraine’s burgeoning debts. As a system of real time long term reparations it would rank alongside that Versailles agreement that Mr Wilson let everyone sign in 1919. Which John Maynard Keynes pointed out would lead to a new World War but then to a New World Order.

Welcome to London, Tim Dillon.

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