Jim’ll Fixit for BoJo: Dyson hires PM’s brother straight after instructing Boris to evade tax

Tax Evasion

Within a month of getting Boris Johnson to text him that he’d “fix it” to pay no taxes in the UK, Billionaire tax exile Sir James Dyson gifted Jo Johnson, the Prime Minister’s brother, a paid role as a non-executive director of Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology. (p184)

Those texts

It’s all very similar to what happened with Cameron. But at least he was an ex-PM.

Boris and Jo are still in politics. Sajid Javid is also an MP and at JP Morgan – more from them shortly.


A former journalist and Government Minister, Boris gave his little brother the title Lord Johnson of Marylebone, in October 2020.

Nepotism anyone?

Collusive Corruption

Here is Lord Johnson’s declaration of interests.

In April 2020 the head of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments Lord Pickles wrote to Jo Johnson to allow him to work for Dyson’s Institute for Engineering and Technology:

Lord Johnson has been asked the following questions:

BBC Shenanigans

Jim’ll Fix It . . . For Little Jo!

The BBC say they have exclusive access to text messages between mega tax avoider Sir James Dyson and Boris Johnson about reducing tax

But did BBC presenter Dan Johnson have to emphasise the idea that lobbying is heavily scrutinized in this country?

Did he have to so heavily emphasise the Sir in Sir James Dyson?

And did political correspondent Adam Fleming have to to make it look as though Sir James Dyson is a national hero – when he left the country after brexit in order to avoid tax – thus defunding the NHS

And as for getting JP Morgan’s Tony Blair to justify Johnson’s direct texts to Dyson — wasn’t David Cameron available?

If BBC believe there is so much scrutiny of lobbying in this country then why didn’t they mention that James Dyson gave Boris Johnson’s brother Lord Jo Johnson a paid role as a non-executive director of Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology?

Amazing that Blair can downplay the Cameron Greensill affair by defending Johnson’s texts with Dyson.

Tony Blair’s employer JP Morgan had an awful lot to do with the big story in UK media right now — The European Super League — but more on that elsewhere.

On the subject of Nepotism, look at this photo.

That is Charlotte Hogg in the middle. She is the daughter of Sarah Hogg also known as Viscount Hailsham. A big hitter is Sarah Hogg.

Charlotte was Chief Operating Officer of the Band of England and tipped to become the Governor. She had to resign when it was revealed that her brother was a Director of Barclays which she hadn’t previously disclosed.

The article appears to suggest she believes she should never have told the truth about her brother at the Treasury Select Committee in the first place.

That’s right. She lost her job and now she thinks it is because she was too honest.

And therefore advocates dishonesty in public life.

We wrote this just before Charlotte’s resignation.

This Guardian piece is v similar – a cannibal’s compliment.

Let’s take another look at that photo – at with whom Charlotte rolls.

Do you recognise anyone?

Is that Dido Harding? Pal of David Cameron?

Didn’t he put her in the House of Lords?

And didn’t Johnson put her in charge of Test and Trace.

Which Rishi gave £37 billion pounds?

In this story we hear about how some of that £37 bn is used for outsourced consultants to answer questions for the government on the subject of . . . outsourced consultants. #GravyTrain

And there’s more

In this video we see Matt Hancock – the Health Secretary.

Odd that Hancock’s mum and sister run a company with their husbands that shreds data for the NHS. And that they gifted Matt Hancock the Health Secretary a 15% stake. Ethical boundaries are explored every day with this goverment. All hands in the till.

Hancock met Lex Greensill with David Cameron as did Dido Harding – to discuss “Supply Chain Finance”.

Cameron was acting as a lobbyist for a shadow bank — Greensill Capital.

Greensill was registered in Germany and therefore not regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Back to Dido

I love the way – on Thursday – no mention was made of the fact that John Penrose is Dido Harding’s husband and therefore a close friend of David Cameron.

He is supposed to be anti-corruption champion but his wife was appointed to dish out billions much of which was siphoned off with no thought of helping the sick.

The BBC gaslighting is stupendous. The deference from Victoria Derbyshire beneath contempt. Zero research. Zero corruption.:

Penrose makes a couple of good points. But they are dwarfed by the lies, corruption and nepotism. We are world champions at that, aren’t we? The never ending in-breeding experiment. Will the last person to leave please turn off the light?

Owen Paterson

Owen Paterson is next level psychopathy.

Curious how Topwood is the name of the horse in the brochure. It won the 2019 Grand National. It is coincidentally also the name of Matt Hancock’s sister’s horse and the family data shredder company.

More on Paterson from last September:

And Carol on the strange link between some horse racing insiders and NHS Covid contracs.

For those who can handle it – this is a parody video of Greensill Capital – made by . . . Greensill Capital. More to come later

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Jimmy Savile

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