More Press Intrusion

The Times has just published a story about the personal life of an academic who was held hostage in Iran for three years.

I see no news value in it whatsoever.

What possesses them to publish a story that simply is not in the British public interest?

The Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch and presumably has a journalist in Australia coming up with this guff.

The former hostage is related to Julian Assange

Might she have done something to upset the Australian Government?

Have they paid her ransome and now become irate about her perceived lack of gratitude?

Media freedom is heavily protected in the UK. But that freedom is abused. The papers often omit or downplay extremely important stories. They deflect, distort and ultimately follow their own agenda.

Obviously they should be free to report what they like, but a double standard is apparent.

On social media people are no longer free to say what they like.

People can be deplatformed for the slightest reason – sometimes because of a complaint or because of an automated bot that has no sense of irony or context.

If nothing is done about the double standard then mainstream media will become more and more fascist and independent voices will have no way of being heard.

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