US invoke Navalny, Skripal, Magnitsky to oust Putin

The boys and girls over at the State Department / Bloomberg must think the public believe anything.

Their latest offering suggests the UK / US axis wants to place sanctions on Russia.

This is due to chemical weapons usage and mistreatment of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. 

Secretary State Blinken took to Twitter yesterday.

Time for a bit of pro-Navalny sentiment.

Even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

That Navalny he’s so cool, he’s so crazy.

He’s our man, with a capital M.

He’s even mates with the Mayor of Bristol 

And how many Muslims has Tommy Robinson shot? Exactly!

Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin called of an airstrike as there were children there
Rishi Sunak presented an austerity budget that favoured the very wealthy and hammered the poor
The Pope is in Iraq. Claiming that he is visiting Baghdad as a pilgrim.
More fraud from Rishi. In plain sight.

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