Talkin’ about the B.U.N.T.

Talking about a B.U.N.T.
The Tables are a-Turning

If the asset managers have decided to divest of Vale, then what about all the companies that Vale sells to? Are they not also therefore complicit? Surely the thing to do is ask every car company if it is under contract to receive iron from Vale. And if the answer is yes then the next step is to divest or engage. Engage obviously means putting the firms on notice and letting them know that by such and such a date they will have to prove that they are adopting human rights criteria at the heart of their of their business model. If not they will be deemed complicit in multiple human rights violation and ripe not only for divestment but also for prosecution in international courts.

Under Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) arbitration courts, businesses can sue governments. But what about the other way round? The balance of power that populism has afforded doesn’t have to be corporate funded populism. Why not ditch the Tommy Robinson Marine Le Pen Nigel Farage Koch Brothers Korporate Kaliphate in favour of a word in which Vale gets prosecuted, fined and shut down for not respecting the safety and sovereignty of its victims?

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