To Vax or not Vax – Ranjan’s Revue de Presse

Who had the most to profit from the crime?

If a man called Christmas Day a mere hypocritical excuse for drunkeness and gluttony, that would be false, but it would have a fact hidden in it somewhere. But when Bernard Shaw says that Christmas Day is only a conspiracy kept up by Poulterers and wine merchants from strictly business motives, then he says something which is not so much false as startling and arrestingly foolish. He might as well say that the two sexes were invented by jewellers who wanted to sell wedding rings.

G.K. Chesterton on his mate George Bernard Shaw

This might appear a funny quote to pick for my argument that the virus at this stage appears far less scary than the vax.

But it wouldn’t have mattered what shape the virus took, they were always going to give us THE VAX.

Why else would they have bothered creating business schools?

You need a captive audience.

Hard Sell

The elevator pitch goes like this:

Take this or I’ll kill you now, worse still I’ll make everyone’s life you know miserable by stopping you from seeing your loved ones, travelling, going out, working, having a roof over your head, eating, thinking independent thoughts, or sleeping.

As Harvey Weinstein told his actresses and the entire movie industry, you don’t have to sleep with me but if you don’t then you won’t work.

We are that point in the cycle.

Toxic Nudge is Good for You

The engineering consent philosophy has taken stimulus reward and Pavlovian counter conditioning to a whole new level.

Remember when Facebook experimented with emotion by making their users depressed?

Might these experiments have yielded behavioural insights?

Amusing Ourselves to Death

All cybernetic on your ass

The Macy Conferences in the 1950s hosted a discussion of cybernetics

Eminence Grise

Letwin is at it again, he has a book out on China:

The “Special” One

Call me Dave is back too:

Tide is Turning

Izabella Kaminska is moving on from the FT.

She’s on good form with this tweet on social media discourse:

Karry on Klepto’in’

Browder & Rupert Murdoch slug it out to trash George Osborne’s Russian Israeli oligarch mate Roman – gets confusing the way the goalposts keep moving.

Sajid Javid revoked Abramovich’s right to live in the UK in 2019.

Which is really saying something because Javid sold CDOs at uber criminal moral sewer Deutsche Bank.

For more on that check out NYT finance editor David Enrich’s book Dark Towers and follow Val Broeksnitt on Bikini Robot Army on Twitter.

If you have lots of cash you can silence truth tellers.

This works very well for the globally wealthy in London’s courts.

Sceptic Remainers

I never understood how the people who were most intellectual, born in Europe, and knew the most about top down EU corruption ended up being flag waving Remainers.

Starmer Racist? Never!

Starmer tight with paedo apologists? Never!

Fourth Dose! Do you feel lucky?

I was on coke at the time

Top Data Journo joins Investigations

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