Google Docs to stop you getting yourself cancelled

On the radio this morning I heard the BBC presenters talk about Government recommendations to set up a regulator to oversee professional football.

The idea is that the game has become too commercial and the owners not of sound character.

One of the commentators in the following article says there are:

‘Too many self-interests in the Premier League’

Steve Morgan, the former chairman of Wolves, told Sky News he welcomed the recommendations and hoped it would change the “appalling” way money is distributed in the game.

He said: “When I was in football, and I’m not being clever with hindsight, I always felt that the distribution of capital within football is appalling. It’s for the few, not for the many.

“So I personally welcome this. I think it’s a shame that it’s got this way that football couldn’t regulate itself – and the Premier League in particular. I think there’s too many self-interests in the Premier League.”

I love the way we’re told that people and industries can’t regulate themselves. It’s a disempowering tactic to stifle conversation and continue usurping control.

Look at what Google are doing…

If your word processor prevents you from making spelling mistakes and looking dyslexic that’s all well and good.

But should it be serving you sanitised synonyms to pretend to friends, colleagues and counterparties that you’re even more PC than you really are?

If there is significant legal and business risk to writing your own emails, I get it.

But will Boris Johnson and Joe Biden be relying on Google to stop them proxy warring with Russia?

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