Are you an environmentalist or do you work for a living?

A New Leadership

What is Starmer saying? Does he really want to get rid of fossil fuels?

He’s using the language of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.

But unlike them he is the leader of a political party who claims to believe in democracy.

Under Jeremy Corbyn Labour made a commitment to cut emissions to net zero by 2030. But is this even possible?

Will Starmer intervene to ‘save the planet’?

Where will the cuts in energy consumption come from?

From what level to what level? Who is going to have to make the sacrifices?

If Starmer’s plan is to move Labour in the direction of environmentalism then why does he have people in his Shadow Cabinet who voted to expand Heathrow?

Angela Rayner, Rachel Reeves, David Lammy, John Healey, Jonathan Reynolds, Jonathan Ashworth, & Kate Green all voted to expand Heathrow in 2018, along with most Tories. Boris conveniently left for Afghanistan that day.

Billionaires Vote Democrat, The Republican Party is for Mere Millionaires

Given the huge majority of MPs who voted for Heathrow expansion, you would have thought the expansion would go ahead.

But anti-expansion campaigners won the appeal and now the case has been heard by the Supreme Court which will deliver its judgment in January.

The case can be watched here


Heathrow still plan to build a third runway.

But who exactly are Heathrow’s owners?

25% Spanish, 20% Qatari, 12.62% Canadian, 11.2% Singaporean, 11.18% American, 10 % Chinese, and 10% British.

So the majority of MPs have decided to go with foreign capital to build a third runway.

At the same time that the Government is accelerating deportations, increasing anti-immigrant rhetoric, and airlines are going out of business due to the current financial crisis.

So what’s to be done?

Will UK PLC find a way to be awarded the right to build another runway, even as the Government ploughs ahead with COP26 (sponsored by Nat West)?

Mr Starmer himself voted against the expansion of Heathrow Airport, but that’s not to say that every Labour MP who voted against Heathrow expansion is against expanding airports.

My MP Karen Buck told me that she voted against Heathrow because she prefers Gatwick.

Starmer, like former Transport Secretary and current London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is proud to call himself pro-Business.

Can business and environmentalism co-exist?

When ex Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, who will play a prominent role at UN COP26 in Glasgow in November, claims to want to monitor climate risk and avoid climate breakdown I am reminded that he was appointed by the Cameron Government which went from Vote Blue, Go Green, to Vote Blue, Get Real.

Carney also said nothing when Theresa May got rid of the UK Government Climate Change department. May generally voted against measures to prevent climate change.

Are you an environmentalist or do you work for a living?

Richard White is an American historian, the author of influential books on the American WestNative American history, railroads, and environmental history.

This article was written 25 years ago. I’ve never read it but just stumbled across it now. I couldn’t find it when I last searched for it in 2013. I did listen to some of the Richard White podcast above around the same time. Mr White mentions the tar sands in Canada.


The Money System

COP26 looks like it is going to be a an authoritarian power grab by the banks.

This is Roger Lewis of Moduloft’s recent magazine on the Great Reset.

It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court rules on Heathrow in January. There will be a ruling on Julian Assange around the same time.

It’s hard not to look at these cases and not feel that British Justice itself is on trial. With the current people in charge, I’m certainly not betting on justice anytime soon, but you never know.

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