Of course Starmer wants to block free speech

So Sir Keir & his fellow paedo lawyers can stop Britain being roused from its diet of 100% 24/7 360° surveillance & programme of subliminal military financialised pavlovian operant conditioning

Mummy, what’s a #BreitbartBrexit?

We in the middle of a #BreitbartBrexit: US to Colonise EU via Ireland & #Brexit https://t.co/3zzAikv8WH via @financialeyes #Marr — Ranjan Balakumaran (@financialeyes) December 10, 2017 CETA+++ David Davis is championing CETA+++ which means Britain copying the Canada-EU trade agreement — plus services. The Alt-Right-ish Spectator updated us  yesterday: According to Sun Columnist James Forsyth,…