Orwellian UK Free Speech Debate

Consensus Unpacked

Lines are being drawn between distinct racisms at UK universities. Anti-Jewish racism in particular is to be treated differently to other types of discrimination.

According to the Tweet below, UK Labour, under Sir Keir Starmer, will be backing the Government’s threat to defund universities that don’t adhere to the controversial IHRA definitions of anti-Jewish racism.

How could the need to defend Jews from racism cause controversy?

Could it be that, under these proposals, other students will not be afforded the same protections as Jews?

In India there is tension between ‘high caste’ Brahmins, and ‘low caste’ Dalits / ‘untouchables’ because of both perceived privilege and affirmative action.

In the US there has been a backlash against affirmative action with some campaigners saying that Universities discriminate against certain ethnic groups despite their high academic achievements.

Make them believe, that offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defence.

George Washington

Criticisms of ‘cancel culture’ and ‘no platforming’ are generally used to defend freedom of speech and to allow controversial figures highly sought after platforms at universities.

I was at University in Manchester when Al Qaeda were recruiting heavily as were the BNP.

My preference leans toward freedom of speech.

I understand that deals are done between different student societies, student politicians and union officers in order to keep everyone happy.

But tension is still there.

The idea that there is no racism at university is misplaced.

Yet, it is important to ensure the university environment is a safe one for everyone.

It would be an unfortunate outcome if, by particularly defending the rights of one group, the government ends up making things harder for individuals of that group on campus.

Operation successful, patient died.


The Austrian French conversation has historically given us Adolf Hitler and Marie Antoinette.

Now French President Emmanuel Macron has been bonding with the Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz over the rejection of ‘political Islam’.

The article below from the Irish Times references Mehreen Khan of the FT’s piece reminding Macron that he risks alienating France’s Muslim population precisely when he needs them most.

Macron complained to the FT about the article and they took it off their website.

Former Telegraph and Mail political reporter Peter Oborne replied on Middle Eastern Eye:

So it looks like tension is only increasing. And that it is all so avoidable. Why bother making life harder for either group?

The English approach to weaponizing anti-Jewish sentiment may help achieve certain political aims in the culture war. But will it help individual Jews?

Will Starmer and Johnson’s approach promote harmony or encourage segregation?

It appears to me that they are both divisive politicians who would prefer as much segregation as possible in society, as would Macron and Kurz.

All this talk of fishing rights in the ongoing French / UK Brexit talks is a complete distraction from how much they all have in common.

The EU and Britain are clearly both focused on a particular way of doing things.

Big Business & Banking are working with Big Government to keep things sewn up for the people up top.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. But for now resistance against increasing inequality is particularly weak. Whereas inequality has tended to be lowered only after serious struggles, at this point the struggles themselves are being outlawed.

The only reason people are not noticing this is that the spin and propaganda machine is so strong that we are left begging for censorship and to be permanently misled.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”


Are you an environmentalist or do you work for a living?

A New Leadership

What is Starmer saying? Does he really want to get rid of fossil fuels?

He’s using the language of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.

But unlike them he is the leader of a political party who claims to believe in democracy.

Under Jeremy Corbyn Labour made a commitment to cut emissions to net zero by 2030. But is this even possible?

Will Starmer intervene to ‘save the planet’?

Where will the cuts in energy consumption come from?

From what level to what level? Who is going to have to make the sacrifices?

If Starmer’s plan is to move Labour in the direction of environmentalism then why does he have people in his Shadow Cabinet who voted to expand Heathrow?

Angela Rayner, Rachel Reeves, David Lammy, John Healey, Jonathan Reynolds, Jonathan Ashworth, & Kate Green all voted to expand Heathrow in 2018, along with most Tories. Boris conveniently left for Afghanistan that day.

Billionaires Vote Democrat, The Republican Party is for Mere Millionaires

Given the huge majority of MPs who voted for Heathrow expansion, you would have thought the expansion would go ahead.

But anti-expansion campaigners won the appeal and now the case has been heard by the Supreme Court which will deliver its judgment in January.

The case can be watched here


Heathrow still plan to build a third runway.

But who exactly are Heathrow’s owners?

25% Spanish, 20% Qatari, 12.62% Canadian, 11.2% Singaporean, 11.18% American, 10 % Chinese, and 10% British.

So the majority of MPs have decided to go with foreign capital to build a third runway.

At the same time that the Government is accelerating deportations, increasing anti-immigrant rhetoric, and airlines are going out of business due to the current financial crisis.

So what’s to be done?

Will UK PLC find a way to be awarded the right to build another runway, even as the Government ploughs ahead with COP26 (sponsored by Nat West)?

Mr Starmer himself voted against the expansion of Heathrow Airport, but that’s not to say that every Labour MP who voted against Heathrow expansion is against expanding airports.

My MP Karen Buck told me that she voted against Heathrow because she prefers Gatwick.

Starmer, like former Transport Secretary and current London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is proud to call himself pro-Business.

Can business and environmentalism co-exist?

When ex Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, who will play a prominent role at UN COP26 in Glasgow in November, claims to want to monitor climate risk and avoid climate breakdown I am reminded that he was appointed by the Cameron Government which went from Vote Blue, Go Green, to Vote Blue, Get Real.

Carney also said nothing when Theresa May got rid of the UK Government Climate Change department. May generally voted against measures to prevent climate change.

Are you an environmentalist or do you work for a living?

Richard White is an American historian, the author of influential books on the American WestNative American history, railroads, and environmental history.

This article was written 25 years ago. I’ve never read it but just stumbled across it now. I couldn’t find it when I last searched for it in 2013. I did listen to some of the Richard White podcast above around the same time. Mr White mentions the tar sands in Canada.


The Money System

COP26 looks like it is going to be a an authoritarian power grab by the banks.

This is Roger Lewis of Moduloft’s recent magazine on the Great Reset.

It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court rules on Heathrow in January. There will be a ruling on Julian Assange around the same time.

It’s hard not to look at these cases and not feel that British Justice itself is on trial. With the current people in charge, I’m certainly not betting on justice anytime soon, but you never know.


Keir Starmer & Владимир Летвин ( Vladimir Letwin ) Strike Back

Lord Letwin DeRegulator ((Dominator)) ((Der is no Udder))

Wanna Kiss Myself

It’s quite something to see Arch-Remainers parachute Arch-Thatcherite Oliver Letwin into his new emergency-style role as Lord Liberal of Remain.

But does this not slightly give the game away?

That we’re in for a Mandelsonian Blairite Johnson Miller Faragiste Zero Regulation Putin Trump Murdoch Roy Cohn-style Apocalyptic #TINA-style Brexit.

A fool & his attention are soon hacked.

On the BBC yesterday he was made to look as though he was attempting to thwart Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal:

But on Andrew Marr today he said he would happily vote for it.


It is testament to the Billionaire BBC and Press Baron propaganda machine that Letwin was lauded by thousands in Central London for appearing to block Boris’ Brexit and all the deregulation that will come with it, when nothing could be further from the truth.


In June 2017 Letwin wrote this piece for Evening Standard Editor George Osborne. Note the use of the term Crypto-Marxist. Yesterday he relied on John McDonnell’s vote. I smell shenanigans.

The Real Deal

This is more like it (from August)

The new EU / Boris withdrawal agreement is stuffed with deregulation. No wonder Letwin says he’ll vote for it. Interesting that they put a border around Ireland.

Drift to Union

In 1989 Oliver Letwin wrote Drift to Union: Wiser Way to a Wider Community.


This was one of the early Eurosceptic works and is said to have radicalised Brexit Headbanger and all round swivel-eyed loon Bernard Jenkin.

Swivel-Eyed Loons

Oliver’s Army

Check out the lyrics:

In his autobiography, Hearts and Minds, Oliver Letwin admits to being hoist by his own petard in regard to Jenkin and the rest of the “bastards”.

Letwin of course didn’t invent Euroscepticism.


Paedo Harvey Proctor was a eurosceptic long before Letwin came on the scene. He was an Enoch Powell fan. Powell, though a genius in the linguistic realm, was also said variously to be a racist, a eurosceptic, a monetarist and a paedophile. Proctor is well known to have been all of the above.

Tony Benn was a Eurosceptic too and bonded with Powell over their mutual disdain for the EU. Just as Corbyn has always been against the Bosses Union. God knows why he and John McDonnell have U-turned now!

Deregulate This!

Deregulation is the thing which has been the only political topic for the last forty years but which the BBC and other channels of course pretend isn’t actually happening.

Racist though they are, the executives at the BBC would prefer to talk about racism than deregulation!

The Naga Munchetty debacle and particularly Tory Lord Michael Grade’s recent Newsnight contribution proved as much. (Grade is a member of paedo pressure group FAIR)

The gargantuan effort of miseducating the nation would take years of deprogramming to eventually be remedied.

The BBC are happy to refer to unregulated sectors as being bad, but never to deregulation as a political choice.


Check out the spike from 2015 in the graph below. They pretend the stats over the decade are bad, but the inflection point is the deregulation bill of 2015. There was a clause in the bill about privatising and outsourcing children’s homes. I called the Children’s Society, who did this research, at the time, but they couldn’t care less. The graph appears in the video below it.

Again the stat below is for 2012 to 2019 but I suspect the bulk of the rise is from 2015. Some Tory donors will have made big money from the Deregulation Bill.

Deregulation Bill

The Deregulation Bill of 2015 passed almost without mention. Sponsored by Ken Clarke and Oliver Letwin. Both of whom featured in Iain Duncan Smith’s speech yesterday.

So Johnson, Clarke, Letwin, and Duncan Smith are all pimping vulnerable kids into prostitution, trafficking, drug addiction and misery for the sake of a couple of quid. And the BBC say nothing.

Matt Hancock signed off on the Deregulation Bill at the same time as he was talking up TTIP.

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, a Labour Lord, represented Labour for the Deregulation Bill in the Lords against the coalition’s Lib Dem Lord Saltaire.

I watched Hancock and Hunt in Parliament on the same day in January 2015.

Little did I know that Britain would leave the EU and Trump torpedo TTIP.

Or that Hancock would become Health Minister.

Revolving Door

But weirdest of all was when I found out that Lord Hunt was on the books of Tory former health Minister Baroness Cumberlege’s lobbying firm : Cumberlege Connections.

How transparently fucked up is that? A leading Labour Lord being on a Tory’s lobby outfit’s payroll. And guess who else is on Cumberlege’s books?

Only Baroness Browning, the chair of ACOBA, the body that is supposed to police the revolving door. Browning is literally doing the thing she is supposed to be guarding against. Fox in charge of chicken house on a meta-fucking-level.

Speaking of meta, that is what the deregulation bill was. It took bits from pre-existing laws. Same as Brexit is doing to workers rights. Snipping them away in one go.


After the Deregulation bill was passed Sajid Javid became Business Secretary and said he wanted to cut even more Red Tape. The Cameron One in Two Out and One in Three Out Deregulation policies were eventually copied in Brussels and by Donald Trump.

We are the kings of below the radar human rights violations.

And the BBC is key in disarming, disinforming, destroying modern Britain.

Paedo Protection Unit

Concealing deregulation debates from its audience has been as big a con trick as the VIP sex scandal it pulled with Jimmy Savile. It’s tried to pretend Westminster doesn’t have a paedo / rent boy / VIP sex ring problem but, again, it’s plain as day that the BBC is protecting paedos like Harvey Proctor.

Proctor’s winning the Paedo PR war with help from the likes of Stephen Fry, Craig Dillon, and Tarsh Consulting.

The associates on Daniel Janner’s Paedo pressure group FAIR look like they’re almost all evil. I would say Liam Allan has been utterly duped into joining.

Teresa Cooper

For the link between privatisation, profit and paedophilia listen to this podcast from 2018 that connects upskirting scandal MP Sir Christopher Chope who used to run Wandsworth Council with the drugging and raping of Teresa Cooper and other women as part of the Big Pharma experiments that were conducted at Kendall House in the early eighties.

Teresa is an inspiration – do find out more about her. Amazing Woman.

Paedos, Pensions, & Private Sector Profits

Oliver Letwin is the the author of Privatising the World and Britain’s Biggest Enterprise.


Letwin’s wife, Isabel, was head of Legal Services at the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department of Health during the Health and Social Care Act of 2012.

The Act did more to open up the NHS to the Private Sector than any other.

Pushed through by Letwin’s wife and Lib Dem peer Tim Clement Jones while Letwin himself was the eminence grise of the then coalition cabinet.

Cameron had put Letwin in every Cabinet Committee and let him run the Country via the Cabinet Office.

Señora Clegg

Clement Jones was Miriam Gonzalez Durantez’s boss at DLA Piper as well as being the Lib Dems’ Treasurer & Health spokesman in the Lords.

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez is a trade and competition lawyer who worked for Chris Patten in Brussels. After working at DLA Piper she moved to the London office of US law firm Dechert. She is currently Vice Chair of UBS Europe and at the beginning of the year she moved to California with her family and joined Cohen Grasser.


Miriam Gonzalez Durantez is married to former UK Deputy Prime Minister and current Facebook Vice President for Global Affairs and Comms, Nick Clegg.

Clegg of course worked for reputed paedo Leon Brittan in Brussels.

Will Facebook’s new currency Libra be linked to UK DWP benefits payments?

AI & Govt Welfare Contracts

Tata Consulting Services have a contract to supply platforms for Aadhaar, the Indian biometric welfare system,

as well as the private sector AI offshoot for UK benefits — BPDTS.

The Talent

But they are still trying to make it look glam to attract “talent” to its Newcastle offices. Offering Datajams, Dojos, and hackathons. When in actual fact they are just persecuting, traumatising and often killing people who they should be helping.

Tata have been here for 10 years:

Aadhaar – Indian Biometric ID System

This is what can happen when things go wrong – and they have been going wrong for a long time already.

Cathy O’Neill’s Weapons of Math Destruction is brilliant on this.

All roads to (the) Letwin(s)

The following excerpt featuring Clement Jones and Isabel Letwin is taken from Nicholas Timmins’s Never Again


Old McStarmer had a yarn

Keir Starmer was the lawyer for the McLibel case that was so embarrassing for McDonalds. He went on to become Director of Public Prosecutions. A super political job. They say he’s a proper deep state man.

How funny that John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson, Keir Starmer and OLIVER LETWIN all voted, against Boris, for the same bill.

Were they really all voting against a crash-out?

I am of the opinion that no deal would be better than the one that Boris has agreed.

The Meaning of Meaning

Here’s my mate Roger Lewis and I trying to make sense of events.

Great NHS Heist

If you liked the themes in this blog you would probably like the upcoming film by Dr Bob Gill and Drew McFadyen, The Great NHS Heist.


Mummy, what’s a #BreitbartBrexit?

We in the middle of a #BreitbartBrexit:


David Davis is championing CETA+++ which means Britain copying the Canada-EU trade agreement — plus services.

The Alt-Right-ish Spectator updated us  yesterday:

According to Sun Columnist James Forsyth, the EU negotiator Michel Barnier has said the UK must accept either Norway or Canada style arrangements.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer wants UK to be Norway-style ‘rule takers’ except for free movement which will become ‘easy’ movement.

What is Easy Movement?

Emmanuel Macron’s wants to reform the rules around ‘posted workers’.

Did Starmer get his ideas from Macron?

Why aren’t these ideas being discussed here like in France?

Balanced reports on economic migration are sadly few and far between.

We generally only hear these topics mentioned by Nigel Farage on Question Time or in the tabloid press.


I stumbled across this exposé of Bannon  on the Spectator website.

It came out in October so things have moved on a bit since then.

This is his November New York Times interview.

Sadly no  mention of Buzzfeed’s October story that documented how Bannon courted the Nazi Alt-Right via Milo Yiannopolous,

Or his  soft spot for Italian Fascist Julius Evola:

Net Neutrality

If Bannon is so interested in helping the poor – what’s he saying about Net Neutrality?

Bannon  made big money from 90s hit TV show Seinfeld.  Who would have thought Seinfeld would be instrumental in funding the Alt-Right / Neo-Nazi revolution.

Maybe Bannon sees Net Neutrality as a way of destroying his Alt-Right competitors.


In StreamPunks, YouTube’s Chief Business Officer says middle aged white guys (like Bannon)  used to decide everything we saw on TV.

There is even a quote from the scene in Seinfeld where they try to pitch the show, which is about nothing,  to the head of NBC.

“Why am I watching it?” asks the studio exec.

“Because it’s on TV!” says George.

Bored with deciding what’s on our TVs, Bannon has taken it upon himself to decide who is in the White House.

His recent speech to Black Americans for a Better Future was a masterclass in rhetoric from a man whose Breitbart website is a favourite among neo-Nazi white nationalists.

This Buzzfeed piece  points out that Black Americans for a Better Future is mainly funded by wealthy white donors.

As pointed out in this blog, the Alt-Right’s favourite UK politician is Jacob Rees Mogg whose mission, like Bannon’s, is the Deconstruction of the Administrative State i.e. Deregulate Everything.

I wish I could round off with something comforting you can do to stop this madness. Suddenly fascism is fashionable.