Orwellian UK Free Speech Debate

Whereas inequality has tended to be lowered only after serious struggles, at this point the struggles themselves are being outlawed.

Keir Starmer & Владимир Летвин ( Vladimir Letwin ) Strike Back

It is testament to the Billionaire BBC and Press Baron propaganda machine that Letwin was lauded by thousands in Central London for appearing to block Boris’ Brexit and all the deregulation that will come with it, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Mummy, what’s a #BreitbartBrexit?

We in the middle of a #BreitbartBrexit: US to Colonise EU via Ireland & #Brexit https://t.co/3zzAikv8WH via @financialeyes #Marr — Ranjan Balakumaran (@financialeyes) December 10, 2017 CETA+++ David Davis is championing CETA+++ which means Britain copying the Canada-EU trade agreement — plus services. The Alt-Right-ish Spectator updated us  yesterday: According to Sun Columnist James Forsyth,… Continue reading Mummy, what’s a #BreitbartBrexit?