Is Sunak Kemal Johnson’s Court Jew & other whitterings..

Chris Eubank once said, in the vein of George Soros, “boxing is a dirty sport, and I am world champion.”

My old religious conservative jazz, maths, and boxing loving Israeli flatmate would often refer to Binyamin Netanyahu not as Bibi, as he is known in Israel, but as The Floyd Mayweather of Politics – for being somehow undefeated in 13 years.

I consider these points because of an article I just saw in the Times.

The piece focuses on apparent tensions between Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

I liked this reply in the comments

The OBR was set up by then Chancellor George Osborne in 2010 to supposedly scrutinise and protect public finances.

Robert Chote headed up the OBR for many years.

The OBR was commonly referred to as the Treasury’s poodle for constantly signing off on the Chancellor’s spending plans thus approving the eugenics and genocide programmes perpetrated against the many of UK’s sick, working, and underemployed.

The effects of the privatisation of the NHS, cuts to the benefit system,  mental health services, housing, the financing of local government, legal aid, the courts and the police have meant ending or destroying the lives of many many good people in this country.

Of course this kind of claim will be met with ridicule and labelled hysterical by the vast majority of those who have gained, are complicit, or who keep them there.

Either way, reports on the normalisation of revolving door nepotism and UK collusive corruption can be found in old blogposts on London Conversation which has been going on and off in this form for about six years now. Make of them what you will.

Some time ago we mentioned that Sir Robert, or Bob, Chote happens to be married to former leading civil servant Sharon White who moved from Government to head up broadcasting regulator Ofcom, from where she attended Bilderberg meetings as did George Osborne, Amber Rudd, and Andrew Adonis, and then onto the CEO rôle at John Lewis where she remains.

Osborne and Cameron were a well co-ordinated double act. I was never selected for their team but they were like Barcelona’s Xavi & Iniesta in their pomp. But their telepathic psychopathy on the coalition front bench fell apart when they won a majority in 2015. Osborne was apparently not best pleased with the way Cameron called the EU membership referendum.

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Evening Standard owner Lord Evgeny Lebedev attended the meeting at Michael Gove’s house in which Boris was persuaded to back Brexit.  

Lebedev went on to hire George Osborne as Evening Standard editor.

Lebedev’s editor at the Independent Amol Rajan famously used the paper to back the Tories in 2015 which famously got them into power without having to do a coalition.

Lebedev had already promoted Nigel Farage by giving him a platform at the Evening Standard. He’s even interviewed Laurence Fox for the Mail on Sunday to help him run to be London Mayor.

In yesterday’s post we discussed how despite everything Starmer congratulated Lebedev on entering the Lords. Obviously Starmer’s proximity to Mandelson who attended Lebedev’s 2019 election party for Boris Johnson is a big part of this. Given what we know about Lebedev, could he look more like a crook? And could Starmer look more complicit with Johnson?

This is from my friend Roger Lewis. The rôle of the court Jew was precarious. Money was there to be made but you could be killed and replaced at any time.

This was in the kitchen at work:

I saw this last night:

You don’t really root for the main character, but definitely always want to know what happens next. An experimental and ambiguous but heartwarming film.

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