Lebedev & Starmer provide Murdoch & Johnson cover

The image below taken from the Times says it all. Starmer congratulated Lebedev on being elevated to the Lords despite now referring to Lebedev’s appointment as a security risk.

Whoever designed it has done a great job, if only they could be commissioned to deploy their skills against the Times owner & political puppet master Rupert Murdoch.

The Times is edited by the ultra conservative John Witherow who is in his 70s and whose world view is shaped by where he was born and raised – apartheid South Africa.

Witherow edited the Sunday Times for many years and will have routinely relied on law breaking and the paying off of cops to get his scoops.

This has all been reported on by Nick Davies of the Guardian who broke the hacking scandal ten years ago.

For further context we should also remind ourselves that Starmer is advised by Lord Mandelson who was Blair’s ‘Prince of Darkness’, frequently colluded with international child sex trafficker and suspected spy Jeffrey Epstein – even after he received his sex trafficking convictions, and advised Russian Israeli Estonian oligarch, fraud convict, and heavily sanctioned friend of Putin – Oleg Deripaska.

There is clearly historic tension between Murdoch and Mandelson. Murdoch’s Sun once had a front page headline asking “Are we being run by a Gay Mafia?”

Private Eye magazine refer to Evgeny Lebedev as two beards .

This is naughty as it is a homophobic reference to Lebedev being unmarried.

Private Eye get away with it because the person who writes their Street of Shame media column, Adam McQueen, is also gay.

Mandelson attended the Lebedevs’s party along with Boris Johnson on the night Johnson won the last General Election by a landslide thanks to the BBC, Rupert Murdoch and Evgeny Lebedev.

In the interests of transparency, where are all the communications between Lebedev and Johnson and why should we wait for them?

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