Hancock’s secret meeting with Zuck

Online Harms

Jo Stevens is a member of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition.

She’s also the Shadow Media, Culture, & Sport Minister.

This tweet is her gloating at finally getting some detail of the clandestine meeting that took place between then Media Minister Matt Hancock and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Stevens is looking keen for the Online Harms Bill.

But what’s this?

Jo Steven’s Labour colleague Margaret Hodge is against online anonymity and backs the Online Harms Bill to protect her from the tens of thousands of abusive tweets she gets a month.

Stevens’ predecessor is Tom Watson, who got on very well with Margaret Hodge.


Watson, like Hodge, spent more of his time attacking then leader Jeremy Corbyn over allegations of antisemitism than he did on scrutinising the way media is governed.

So Watson, Hodge, Stevens, and Labour are all for the Online Harms Bill and dead against Jeremy Corbyn.

They think the Online Harms Bill can help them persecute the more left end of the Labour Party that supported Jeremy Corbyn.

Though Zuckerberg is not known as a Corbynista and Facebook’s advertising policy has been used to benefit the Conservatives far more than Labour, he will still be squeamish about cracking down on freedom of speech.


The double standards are obvious. Some messages are allowed to circulate but others are not.

Online behaviour is starting to be regulated, but who regulates the regulator?

Facebook has an Oversight Committee, sometimes referred to as a Supreme Court. This committee will have the final say over whether a post should be removed and why.

For now the Committee will not look into the issue of questioning deplatforming decisions.

The rationale for deplatforming is opaque – and not currently open to appeal. The left has suffered enormously due to the Facebook algorithm and its decisions to delete accounts.

Murdoch & Leveson

What did Hancock and Zuckerberg really discuss? Can’t have been that much. The real conversation is surely between lobbyists and lawyers.

Hancock made noise about policing Zuckerberg because Rupert Murdoch wanted him to.

Hancock cancelled the Leveson Inquiry to please Murdoch.

He argued that the papers had learned their lessons from the days of phone hacking, surveillance, bullying, entrapment and illegal data capture.

That the real threat to society comes from the online giants and that newspapers need to be protected from the likes of Facebook and Google.

UK tabloids pushed for Google and Facebook to be regulated even while they themselves sought to escape regulation by citing the need to protect the Freedom of the Press.

And there you have it.

Freedom is ok so long as it is for a Billionaire who owns a Newspaper.

Never argue with a man who buys his ink by the barrel

SIR JAMES MATHEW, an Irish judge at the turn of the 20th century, is said to have quipped that justice in England is open to all, “like the Ritz Hotel”.

And the Ritz is still owned by the tax-exile Barclay brothers who also own the Telegraph and the Spectator – publications that have paid Boris Johnson handsomely.

Matthew Gould : Surveillance Capitalism Spook

Matthew Gould was appointed to head NHSX, a digital form of the NHS, without any competition, temporarily, in April 2019.

Matt Hancock appointed him. He’s still there.

Gould obviously operates in a world of spies, mandarins and geostrategic military lobbyists – democracy and the rule of law mean nothing to him.

Before leaving Israel (he was the UK ambassador to Israel from 2010 to 2015) Gould controversially thanked the British Jewish community for the huge support it had shown Israel over the years.

Nothing wrong with stating a fact?

Maybe, but an inappropriate comment all the same.

It would be easy, from that statement, to think Gould was the Israeli ambassador and not the British one.

Conflicts of interest have nothing to do with race or religion. They are a very human condition that can apply to anyone, including Mr Gould.

I would argue that the consequences for the UK of not identifying and dealing with Mr Gould’s moral and ethical breaches have been enormous.

Thousands dead due to Coronavirus incompetence and countless more to suffer due to Gould’s lax attitude to medical privacy and data.

It should come as no surprise that NHSX Gould is more loyal to Silicon Valley than British citizens. His concern has been to promote the Cybersecurity Agenda and the interests of the large tech players.

Health data is of little concern to him. But he is concerned about Online Harms if they disrupt national security.

And by that we mean … Margaret Hodge.

Censorship levels have gone through the roof in 2020.

The UK is the first country to test the vaccine on its citizens and will be the first to deliver an Online Harms Bill.

But what will it contain and how will it be interpreted?

Will it be an excuse to launch raids on any person or organisation who expresses ideas that are at odds with government policy, or will it be used to fine and genuinely police the online giants?

The Great NHS Heist

For more on the connection between economic, health and data policies watch the Great NHS Heist by Dr Bob Gill & Drew McFadyen and featuring the late David Graeber :


Paedo-loving Murdoch shit scared of EU’s Phil Hogan

At least Leo Varadkar is gay and half Indian.

The seasoned paedo enablers at the Sun could tap into their homophobic and racist side.

But what prejudice can the white paedo nationalists evoke when duelling with heterosexual white male capitalist Phil Hogan?

If they want a spat, he’ll bring it.

Hogan and Murdoch have a lot in common.

Cold heartless Neo-Liberalism.

But Hogan used to be the EC agriculture commissioner.

He will want to protect Irish farmers from US hormone and chemicals crossing the border.

He has also pushed through laws in financial services and won’t want Ireland’s tech and tax avoidance rackets to be played with.

Even Steve Bannon would have little to say about Phil Hogan who is smarter, tougher, more Irish and more capitalist than the billionaire dependent US Rasputin.


Trump Era White Collar Crime: Who’s Chasing Who?

What is going on with Wall Street White Collar Crime in the Trump era?

Hedge Fund Managers Never Die

Sheelah Kolhatkar wrote an excellent article in The New Yorker this January.

Her book, Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street, is all about the way the US New York District Attorney tried to bring down Hedge Fund Manager Steve Cohen.

This from CSPAN yesterday:

You’re Fired!

It turns out that the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, who attempted to jail Steve Cohen,  has since been fired by Donald Trump.

Washington Post Washington Post


Bharara’s own performance as a prosecutor has prompted mixed reactions.

From praise:

To mixed:

And outright hostile:


This hedge fund ethics and compliance executive was also jailed by Bharara.



Reading List

For more on Preet Bharara in the New Yorker:

TV Show

The TV Show Billions is loosely based on the Hedge Fund Insider Trading Battles that creator Andrew Ross Sorkin has covered while working as a New York Times journalist, CNBC Squawk Box host and successful author.


This is how the show’s creators responded to Bharara’s sacking:

So what do you think is really going on?

Is Mr Trump really ‘draining the swamp’ — or just feeding the crocodiles?




Traitor May tells Trump to Back EU while claiming to extricate Britain from the EU. At the same time Murdoch turns Farage into EU migrant.



In November 2015 Theresa May was being lined up to lead the Out campaign.

Nigel Farage said he’d have been delighted had she accepted.

What side are you on?

But then she backed Remain. In the speech she gave to defend continuing with EU membership she said it was better for security for the UK to stay in.

If it is the case that she is knowingly undermining the safety of the British public then surely she should be tried for treason.

Bradley / Chelsea Manning was lucky to have had his / her sentence commuted by Barack Obama last week. Could Theresa May be closer than any other PM in the history of Parliament to being hanged, gassed, or made to sit in an electric chair?

Brexit Mayden

She’s since become PM and launched semantic warfare on the British public by using inane soundbytes ranging from “Brexit means Brexit” through to “Red, White & Blue Brexit”.

There have been various other versions including clean, hard, fast, slow, smooth, and soft Brexit with messy and technicolor on the side.

Theresa Maybe

Either way, the Economist strongly implied she’s a ditherer when they referred to her as Theresa Maybe

Financial Eyes would place Mrs May’s approach somewhere between that of Goldilocks ( someone’s been eating my Brexit ) and of The Emperor’s New Clothes ( too much thigh and not enough sleeve).


Having finally declared Britain is definitely exiting the Single Market, the PM has told the Financial Times that she’ll meet Donald Trump this Friday and sing the praises of the EU.

A few weeks ago Financial Eyes caught up with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell for Real Media and asked for his views on the government’s approach to Brexit:

The full forty minute video can be found here:

We all know all that Theresa has been dreaming of a White Brexit.

Speaking of which, the PM’s real boss, puppet master Rupert Murdoch, is now paying Mr Brexit, Nigel Farage to migrate to USA and … demonise migrants!

This hasn’t gone completely unnoticed:

Farage himself reckons this is just the start of a Global Revolution.

Winners & Losers

Given that populism, anti-globalisation, autonomy, independence and revolution were so frequently invoked during both the Brexit vote and the US election, it is very telling that the new rulers are all from the very minority that benefited the most from globalisation in the first place.

Will they govern as benign dictators or will they do everything they can to make life as hard as they possibly can for everyday Brits and Americans in a way that the European Union, European Central Bank (ECB), Hillary Clinton, and the Federal Reserve would never have dreamed of?

Asset Strippers Carry Out 2 Coup d’états

It’s rarely mentioned that Nigel Farage’s first job after leaving school was for criminal US junk bond outfit Drexel Burnham. This is mentioned in the comments section of this rather revelatory article.

Looks like UK is in line to be asset stripped at a rather more rapid rate than usual with Nigel Farage leading the charge.

Interesting times

Should be quite an interesting week this week with the UK Supreme Court ruling on whether Parliament be allowed a say over Brexit followed by Mrs May’s trip to Trump.

Whatever will they talk about?

Tax Haven & Trade Deals

Chancellor Phillip Hammond has spoken about cutting UK corporation tax to minimal levels and Brexiteers are talking up the US – UK trade deal.


Hammond himself has become personally wealthy doing business with the NHS. An investigator told Financial Eyes that Hammond was also involved with super scammers Enron.

Just as Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt set up a business called Hot Courses of which his half is being sold at the moment, reputedly for £15m, his aunt Virginia Bottomley also a former Health Secretary is said to have had a high ranking position at the British Council at a time when they were his biggest client.


Reduced tax income will defund the National Health Service (NHS) and any trade deal with the US will let health insurance firm United Health get an even deeper hold over the UK health sector than it already has.

Pharma and Genetically Engineered Food

Pharmaceutical and Food Regulation will of course be liberalised to allow cheap genetically engineered american meat into US supermarkets as well as profitable drugs with several dodgy side effects.

America First

As so little of what Trump says turns out to be true and his America First policy will involve cutting back on so much trade with other countries, it looks like his friend Nigel Farage may end up being called in to help flog the remainder of GB Plc.

Game Over

With Sterling at relatively low levels, cheap firms are ripe to have their assets stripped.

Special Relationship

This from Tax Campaigner Richard Murphy:



Is Murdoch backing Trump?

Makes perfect sense. Have Fox ever loved Hillary?

Imagine Murdoch wanting to deal with May and Hillary.

Why wouldn’t he prefer Trump, Corbyn and McDonnell?

Similar overall view of the world but from different perspectives.

Most people recruit in their own mould!


Contra-Radical Guardian 

So much contradiction

Black lives matter

Nice bit of pigment at the start!

Feels like Black Lives finally Matter

But all lives matter at the Guardian!

Beyoncé’s name’s also on the front – Zadie Smith’s written about her.

A whole range of pigment going on.

We start with the Smiths.

Morrissey, their singer, loves pigment – but just not in humans.

The editor of Vogue gives us her fashion rules.

Great for us Smiths-loving Beyoncé fans.

Hillary & FBI

Hillary’s in trouble for private email usage.

She’s being reinvestigated by the FBI.

I love the caption under the Hillary photo:

‘New emails have been found by the FBI, which the agency is reviewing.

Clinton’s aides are demanding more details of the discovery’.


Where’s the story?

Takes a special skill to say something without really saying anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Hillary could be more evil than your average former first lady.

But even by UK standards, this is a storm in a teacup.

Show me the dirt already!

The headline says ‘Clinton rocked as FBI renews email inquiry’.

But nothing substantial in the story. Really. Nothing .

Could this lose Hillary the race?

The election’s 11 days away.

I haven’t checked the other papers  but it looks like this is a global push to introduce new doubt into Clinton’s candidacy.

John Podesta’s name’s mentioned.

He’s Hillary’s campaign chairman.

I saw his name earlier this week.

Capitalist Democrat ‘Greens’

A pro-fossil fuel activist sent me a story about how the green movement bullies anyone who disagrees with them.

Podesta is that kind of Green.

Forcing everyone to go green so that he can get paid.

Much as Wall Street and the City of London see mis-selling as the business model.

I must say I’ve come across some nutters in the green movement.

I’m sure they’d say the same about me — many were intolerant of debate.

It’s no surprise these types of greens are heading up Hillary’s campaign.

Al Gore is their most prominent member.

Even ten years ago, he was reputed to be making so much money he simply couldn’t afford to run for President.

The capitalist Greens’ sense of entitlement is rivalled only by that of their rivals, the sceptics / deniers like Lord Matt Ridley, who writes for the Times.

Ridley got quite angry this week when I told him that I heard he regularly spikes stories and has headlines changed at the Times to push his ‘hard pollution’ agenda.

After asking me where I’d heard all this (the public domain), and setting his climate-sceptic twitter attack dogs on me, he sent me a link about John Podesta.

To be fair to Ridley he denies being a denier.

Ridley & Murdoch

He says he recognises warming is caused by CO2.

But he doesn’t think this warming is particularly significant.

One of his buddies sent me a video in which Ridley, an Eton-educated hereditary peer, claims burning fossil fuel produces the CO2 which we desperately need to save the planet.

I am not joking.

This happened just a few hours after hearing him deny being a denier.

I was even told that the term climate denier has now been outlawed by Associated Press.

Like a homophobic, sexist, or racist epithet — or even because of its similarity to the term holocaust denial.

A non denier’s denial

The presenter in the following clip forgets to tell America about Ridley being a Tory Lord with substantial interests in fossil fuels.

He refers to him as a science journalist.

Ridley comes in at 9 minutes 30.

That’s right, according to Ridley, just as in John Stauber’s classic 1994 book on PR, “Toxic Sludge is Good For You!!!”, we should be burning more fossil fuels if we are serious about surviving as a species.

When views like these are circulated by  Times columnists and Lords, it is no wonder we are heading straight to armageddon.

(Clarification: Ridley was not ‘awarded’ his title – he is a hereditary peer.)

Another Tory Peer and Times columnist, Lord Finkelstein, usually manages to sound quite sensible on most things but even he told me that Ridley is not a denier:

How confusing.

It’s true that the Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has backed Brexit and UKIP in his Sun Newspaper, and done more than any other press baron to bring about the rise of the American Tea Party which has led to Donald Trump.

Should it be a surprise that we are on the road to Armageddon?

Given his animosity toward Podesta and climate ‘alarmists’, it’s obvious that Ridley, like Murdoch, is a Donald Trump and Brexit man.

Knowing that people like this are running opinion forming publications and shaping key legislation, even a child would spot the undemocratic factors that bring megalomaniacs like Trump to power.

We are being run by a suicidal death cult who are quite prepared to take the entire planet under.

In the Mahabharatha the new King Yudhithistra was persuaded to bet the entire kingdom on a rigged game of dice.

The likes of Trump, Murdoch and Ridley have decided that they too will take us under.

Who knows why?

An unresolved sense of inadequacy?

Uber ‘workers’

Next to the Hillary article is a piece on how ‘self employed’ Uber drivers are now ‘workers’ under UK employment law.

Are the Guardian right behind the Uber drivers in their fight for regulation in a deregulated precarious industry?

Or campaigning against the entire Uber business model which pits Black Cab drivers, in London, who have spent 3-4 years studying ‘the Knowledge’ to know their way around London’s streets, against increasingly underemployed deregulated Uber drivers.

The climate angle of having more drivers on the road remains unexplored.

As do the employment implications of driverless cars.

Instead this Guardian story focuses exclusively on employment law.



The bottom of the page contains a Greenpeace fundraising advert.

‘Be coldhearted.’

Encouraging Guardian readers to leave Greenpeace money in their wills.

Not for the first time.

Cutting family out of wills in favour of NGOs and polar bears sounds like a radical left wing  increased wealth tax.

As a trust themselves, the Guardian owe their existence to private wealth.

The back cover of the paper features an advert for a Peugeot SUV.

The SUV is aptly driving through a rather large puddle.

‘CONTROL BUILT IN’ reads the slogan.

As the SUV leaves the back page puddle behind, it is about to smash into the ‘Be cold hearted.’ Greenpeace slogan over on the front page.

(When fully spread out and at ease, just as in politics and banking, the back and front become the left and right, and sit quite comfortably next to each other, agreeing on far more than on what they disagree.)

And then it will career into the Polar Bear itself.

Red gas guzzling French SUV sponsored by Total, another oil company, murders cuddly innocent furry white polar bear.

Shocking stuff.

Like the way Trump has successfully attacked Hillary from the left.

CONTROL BUILT IN vs Be coldhearted.

‘Be controlled by the viagra-popping driverless racist rapist Trump / Clinton machine!’

Greenpeace on the front and Total on the back.

Says it all.

You can’t escape the logic of the game – however creative your imagination.

The Guardian continues to walk the line between climate denial and warmongering ‘green’ colonialism.