Agenda Setting: When should lockdown measures be eased?

Who sets the Agenda?

BBC Agenda setting and the Russian school of communication.

Babylon Health, Mass Shootings, Von der Leyen, Facebook, Oborne

AOC and Peter Oborne on the normalisation of political lying

London’s Biggest Criminal — Andrew Bailey — Hide like a Rhinoceros

Andrew Bailey remains the favourite to take over at the Bank of England. Despite being complicit in billions of pounds of fraud at the Financial Conduct Authority. Dishonest journalists have given him an easy ride.

The Great British Fraud Machine

Conspiracy The BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), & Financial Conduct Authority have conspired to criminally defraud, bankrupt and asset strip thousands of small businesses throughout the UK. New film Spank the Banker shows that other banks, including state-owned Lloyd’s, have also engaged in financial terrorism against British business. Though the banks’ and the financial… Continue reading The Great British Fraud Machine

Adonis slams BBC Regulator – OFCOM – over Collusive Corruption

By Ranjan Balakumaran Biased Sheila The deputy head of Ofcom – the BBC’s regulator – Baroness Noakes, has been done for anti-Labour tweeting in the past. She has consistently voted with the Government for Brexit in the Lords and is therefore too biased to regulate the BBC. She shouldn’t be allowed to back the Government… Continue reading Adonis slams BBC Regulator – OFCOM – over Collusive Corruption

BBC : Ballsy British Cover-Up

Dame Janet Smith’s much awaited Inquiry into the BBC’s systematic protection of VIP Paedophiles finally reported this week. However its release and impact have been overshadowed by #Brexit. Hats off to Peter Brookes for his sketch in today’s Times. Eric Gill designed the famous Gill font as well as the Prospero & Ariel sculpture outside… Continue reading BBC : Ballsy British Cover-Up