Agenda Setting: When should lockdown measures be eased?

Who sets the Agenda?

The BBC Agenda

The BBC News Presenter’s Tweet above consists of a short question and a statement, followed by another short question.

This is effective communication. Her job is to stimulate discussion. To guide viewers into the issue and also to help set the agenda.

This is the science of public opinion. It overlaps with agenda setting, propaganda and disinformation.

Competing claims don’t always get the same attention.

So who, or what, drives the agenda?

Is it a fixed or ever changing group of people?

Does Agenda Setting strategy depend on the situation?

The following quote is from the wikipedia entry on Agenda Setting

Although this topic would be interesting on any occasion, the current corona virus helps shine light on the workings of agenda setting.

It is much clearer to see the government’s messaging strategy as it is currently so prominent.

This means it is possible to speculate on the government’s objectives and definitively observe its methods.

Below is the oft repeated UK government slogan. It is Orwellian in its gaslighting.

If you have Covid19 you are encouraged to stay at home.

If you don’t have it, you are encouraged to stay at home.

So if you need help, you are encouraged to die quietly at home.

So the Covid19 story in the UK is one of propaganda and accounting.

Few people are being tested so nobody knows who has it and who doesn’t.

This means the disease can spread easily without anyone knowing where the hotspots are.

The technology for tracing is being rolled out late and is instead being used for general surveillance purposes.

The following Guardian article uses the word de-anonymisation to describe ministers taking data about the whole population and using it to target individuals, as you would expect in a full on police state:

This is just one example of the agenda. In France and at EU level the tracing conversation has already started. People know it means surveillance but they are forced to accept it along with all the other government imposed lockdown measures.

The population has trouble fighting draconian government measures at the best of times. But during an unprecedented global reaction to a post-war pandemic it is particularly hard to organise when you’re not even allowed to meet.

The yellow vests in France gathered to oppose Macron every weekend for over a year but have stopped thanks to Macron’s lockdown.

And in the UK all we have been treated to by the corporate backed media has been coverage of Boris Johnson supposedly contracting a severe case of corona virus which necessitated that he self isolate and eventually go to intensive care.

The same agenda setting techniques that were at play during the Brexit campaign are being redeployed during the corona virus.

The aim is not to defeat the virus.

It is to make sure the Conservative government cling to power and deflect all scrutiny away from them and onto anyone else such as the public, health care professionals, public commentators, regulators, suppliers, large corporations and even the opposition.

The following quote by Peter Pomerantsev is taken from the wikipedia entry on Vladmir Surkov, Vladimir Putin’s long standing head of communications.

It is hard not to see similarities with the way modern Britain is run. More effort is made here to convince the public that the government does not interfere with independent regulators, that there are checks and balances in place to protect the public.

But when something is important, then it’s political, and you simply can’t argue with the decision because no-one will hear you out or give you a platform.

Britain is a brilliant place to be rich and powerful. Otherwise you must do what you can to survive.

Vladimir Surkov — José Mourinho or Mr Bean?

Media News

Working for The Man

A Cup of Ambition

I’m all for solidarity. And if inter-sectionality delivers a more caring society, then great.

But the neo-liberal PR-obsessed NGO-complex MSM takeover reminds of me of something I once heard at school:


Nine to Five

The Girls that he likes are Underage

This photo of the Donald was brought to my attention by Bleg author Kikanju Baku

He’s been onto all things President Trump & Roy Cohn for a while.

These girls ain’t Donald’s daughters.

Samir Ahmed & BBC Culture War

Samira Ahmed has been on broadcast TV and Radio for many years now.

The BBC’s lack of transparency re: decision making has long been a threat not just to this country’s security but to others’ as well

The constant authoritarian asymmetric information warfare on the people eventually takes its toll.

Shame the BBC is such a fascist organisation.

On the bright side, the BBC’s output helps identify the latest asset-stripping fascist corporatist genocidal strategies employed by faceless global government and its multi-headed parasites.


Babylon Health, Mass Shootings, Von der Leyen, Facebook, Oborne

London Conversation News Review

Should politicians be allowed to lie on facebook?

Should political correspondents not scrutinise british politicians?

Who is really behind babylon health?

What is the deal with the police sharing boycam footage with facebook?

Media News Video

What Some Businesses are thinking about Brexit…

Financial Times Personal Finance correspondent Claer Barrett was on BBC Breakfast yesterday with Ian Wright of the Food and Drinks Federation.

What types of messages will they deliver?

  1. Does the BBC want them to say there’s nothing to worry about?
  2. Do their colleagues, employers and members expect them to predict nothing but “doom and gloom”
  1. What does Claer say the Government has been saying?
  2. What does Claer think the Government has not been doing?
  3. What are businesses not able to do?
  4. What does Ian Wright from the Food and Drink Federation say about the uncertainty of a No Deal Brexit?
  5. What is Mr Wright’s point about buying a house in two weeks’ time?
  6. What does Mr Wright say about “TTIP“?

FT Brussels brought to you by… BP

I must have seen it millions of times, but never really thought about it.

But how long have BP been sponsoring the FT Brussels Briefing?

And what does that mean for FT journos reporting on EU lobbying?

Let’s say a reporter moves over from the FT to BBC, Sky, Channel for or ITV.

Will she bring the same unwillingness to run anti-BP stories that would have served her well at the FT?

Extinction Rebellion were outside the BBC this weekend reporting on the BBC’s deathly silence around climate change.

The BBC has given far more attention to the Ineos-sponsored unregulated breaking of the 2 hour marathon barrier than it has to the murder by Syrian and Turkish troops of a Kurdish political leader.

The same attention hackers that take the money from BP and propagandise for Ineos are the ones who want to deny equality to women in the Middle East and remain silent when the Turkish President orders the murder of the same Kurdish fighters that had defeated ISIS.

Where is Hillary Benn now, who as Shadow Foreign Secretary rebelled against his own leader, Jeremy Corbyn in order to passionately argue that Britain bomb Syria particularly to take out ISIS?

He has moved on to Brexit and has no time for the Kurds.

Start writing or type / to choose a block

Start writing or type / to choose a block

Start writing or type / to choose a block


Ursula Von der Leyen’s gender balanced pro-war pro-austerity European Commission

Taken from Bloomberg Brussels

Project Pangloss

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is signing up to “feed the five thousand” magical thinking Brexit #leapoffaith.

Far right Tory Andrew Bridgen castigated the Archbishop for wanting to call citizens assemblies to sort out Brexit.

But I think former oil exec turned man of the cloth Justin Welby just wanted to steal a bit of Boris and Greta’s thunder.

How many kids has he buggered and killed in person and via proxy?

Ian from Canberra suggests the figure could be as low as 42.

Daily Mail promoting the idea that only foreigners get perks in prison.

I should that say pokes?

But this was banned as it affected UK competition law (Enough of that).

Paxo blissfully unaware of the media and especially Newsnight’s role in all this.

Gove: A million to one chance things will go wrong

From Startup to Stasi

Brit to run human rights violating too big to jail Pharma firm

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Check out Clive’s case. It’s shocking!

Sajid’s Splurge

Fleece the customer for shareholder value!

Don’t vote, it encourages them


London’s Biggest Criminal — Andrew Bailey — Hide like a Rhinoceros

Any self-respecting regulator would have walked.

But not Andrew Bailey — the corrupt head of the UK’s captured financial regulator — the Financial Conduct Authority. Not in Brexit Britain.

On the Take?

The man who’s overseen fraud on an industrial scale remains the bookies’ favourite, by some margin, to be the next Chairman of the Bank of England.

Too Big to Jail

His complacency over the ongoing Woodford scandal shows that Brand Bailey has itself become Too Big to Jail.

But could it be that the tide is finally turning?

The FCA, the Treasury, and the Treasury Select Committee have all been alerted to conflicts of interest, misselling, and fraud in Fund Management, Pensions, Local Government and Small Business but have repeatedly looked the other way.

Kent have been hit hard by the Iceland Crisis, the LOBO scandal, and now they are losing money at Woodford.

Outsourcing firm Capita’s traces are often to be found near the scene of the crime.

Retail fund manager Hargreaves Lansdown is also caught up.

But it’s Bailey who is instrumental in obstructing justice for small businesses on an industrial scale.

While banks fraudulently missold investment products to business customers which were then used to steal their customers’s assets, Bailey has done all he can to protect the criminals.

Is the top job at the Bank of England his reward?

Slack Journos

Journalists like the BBC’s Andrew Verity & James Hurley of the Times like to make out they are on the side of the defrauded small businesses.

But when it comes down to it, the language they use on social media and in their output downplays the level of fraud coming out of the FCA, the audit firms, and the banks.

To be fair, Verity works for the BBC and Hurley the Times, so there is only so far they can go.

The main work these journalists do is in deciding what to hide from the public as opposed to what to disclose.

No wonder Bailey remains the favourite to take over as Chairman of the Bank of England.

Were our mainstream journalists not so craven, Bailey would be looking at Belmarsh, not Threadneedle Street.

City Apologist

The biggest Bailey cheerleader of them all is Alex Brummer, City Editor at the Daily Mail.

Brummer writes very well on foreign takeovers.

But when it comes to Bailey, Brummer is the most corrupt.


The Great British Fraud Machine


The BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), & Financial Conduct Authority have conspired to criminally defraud, bankrupt and asset strip thousands of small businesses throughout the UK.

New film Spank the Banker shows that other banks, including state-owned Lloyd’s, have also engaged in financial terrorism against British business.

Though the banks’ and the financial regulator’s misdeeds are well known in social media circles, the state run BBC does its best to give the government backed multimillion pound fraud campaign as little coverage as possible.

BBC Omertà

The sparse coverage the BBC has ever given has been carefully framed to disempower victims rather than to help them campaign for justice.

The following email trail reveals the BBC’s micromanagement of the RBS reign of terror coverup.

The BBC specialty is ignoring colossal collusive corruption in which state-backed banks defraud British Business to make up for the gambling losses of Britain’s most reckless high rolling investment bankers.

Neil Mitchell & Noel Edmonds

Neil Mitchell and TV presenter Noel Edmonds are victims of the Lloyds / RBS government-backed fraud machine.

But they’ve chosen to fight back.

They made Spank the Banker

Pre-emptive Gagging

BBC Birmingham producers were keen to interview Noel Edmonds at an upcoming Birmingham screening of the film.

The following mail is from Noel Edmonds’ publicist to Samir, the film’s director, and Adam, from BBC Local Radio.

This all looks very promising.

But when the BBC found out that the film was about government corruption, criminality and fraud, the BBC suddenly lost interest.

Noel’s agent:

When pressed as to why they had lost interest in the multimillion pound bank fraud story with a former top BBC presenter, Noel Edmonds, a victim, BBC News PR replied:

So there you have it.

No comment, despite the newsworthiness of the story.

We tweeted the radio programme producer.

But again, no reply.


The BBC producer who had originally expressed an interest in interviewing Noel Edmonds was asked why the content was not deemed appropriate .

And finally he replied with a definitive … fudge.

So there you have it.

The BBC requested tickets to the event and started to arrange an interview with Noel Edmonds but when they found out about the content they pulled out and then completely denied it was anything to do with the content!

Fraud on the People

The scale of political bias at the BBC is unprecedented. The merging of state and corporate interests against small businesses and the public is a clear sign of a corrupt state, a corrupt banking system, a corrupt regulator, corrupt broadcaster, zero media regulation, zero trust and a turbo-corrupt government.

No wonder people now vote for extremist parties.

The steady diet of infantilisation & middle of the road reporting masks world class fraud and racketeering operations.

The RBS & BBC information mafias happen to have claimed many innocent individuals’ lives.

The scale of their truth crimes is off the charts.

For more information about uninterrupted state backed UK bank fraud, do watch Spank the Banker!

Click here for trailer: Spank the Banker


Adonis slams BBC Regulator – OFCOM – over Collusive Corruption

By Ranjan Balakumaran

Biased Sheila

The deputy head of Ofcom – the BBC’s regulator – Baroness Noakes, has been done for anti-Labour tweeting in the past.

She has consistently voted with the Government for Brexit in the Lords and is therefore too biased to regulate the BBC.

She shouldn’t be allowed to back the Government in the Lords as well as in our living rooms.

Separate questions about her role overseeing the re-appropriation of hundreds of millions of pounds worth of small and medium sized businesses’s assets at the Royal Bank of Scotland also cast doubt on whether she possesses the probity and good judgment required of a media regulator.


Here she is, only last week, retweeting the most controversial of characters, Darren Grimes of Vote Leave.
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 07.57.06

This young man took hundreds of thousands of pounds from Vote Leave to launder money and the youth vote for the corrupt Steve Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica in the run-up to the Brexit Vote.

RBS Fraud

Noakes is a Non Executive Director at the Royal Bank of Scotland where she chairs the the Board Risk Committee and sits on the Group Audit Committee and the GRG oversight Committee!

For those who are new to the scandal plagued RBS GRG unit, this has been described as an “abattoir” for small businesses and that it may be the “biggest theft ever”.

The bank, state-owned at the time, stole millions from innocent small business customers in what became known as the dash for cash:

This cases are just the tip of the iceberg as so much remains covered up.

This from February:

That’s right, this woman is deeply involved in one of the biggest banking scandals of all time.

Noakes was once described as the country’s top accountant and has lots of experience in PFI both for the government, the audit firms as well as in the private sector.

But sadly, it looks as thought our BBC has been entrusted to a card-carrying Tory Brexit propagandist.


Freedom of Information

John Mann sent a Freedom of Information Request to the Bank of England about former Deputy Governor Paul Tucker’s role in getting Barclays to readjust their LIBOR submissions during the crash in 2008. Mann was on the Treasury Select Committee and so the FOI was treated as urgent and replied to swiftly.

I suggest that a Labour member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee or the Shadow Minister for Culture, Tom Watson, send in an FOI to Ofcom asking to see whether Baroness Noakes membership of the House Lords has ever been considered a potential conflict of interest.

Certainly all of Noakes’s correspondence on the subject of Brexit during the run up to the referendum and ever since are highly relevant at this time. Perhaps a group of Remainer MPs on the DCMS select committee, including Damian Collins, would like to start asking Ofcom these crucial questions.

Collusive Corruption

Anything less would demonstrate a high degree of collusive corruption.

I asked David Whyte if the UK is a corrupt country in the run up to last year’s election:



Adonis slams BBC Regulator – OFCOM – over Blatant Brexit Bias !

I just got retweeted by Lord ‘Remain’ Adonis. An honour indeed.

Adonis has been going big on the #BrexitBroadcastingCorporation hashtag.

Never really liked him till he became de facto head of Remain

I voted Brexit but fully support Adonis’s efforts to root out corruption — especially at the BBC.

The deputy head of Ofcom the Communications regulator is Baroness Noakes who has been done for anti-labour tweeting when Ed Miliband was in charge.

She has consistently voted for Brexit in the Lords so she is possibly not the most balanced person to be deputy chair of Ofcom.

The problem here is that she is able to back the government in the Lords as well as on our TV sets.

Noakes has form:

A little birdie tells me Noakes has been a very naughty girl as Non Executive Director at the Royal Bank of Scotland where she chairs the the Board Risk Committee and sits on the Group Audit Committee and the GRG oversight Committee!

For those who are new to the scandal plagued RBS GRG unit, this has been described as an “abattoir” for small businesses and that it may be the “biggest theft ever”.

That’s right, this woman is up to her neck in criminality and that is before the mega scandal that is about to break.

By the way she was once described as the country’s top accountant and has lots of experience in PFI both for the government, the audit firms as well as in the private sector. So yes, we’re talking about a mega-looter as a well as propagandista extraordinaire!

Good luck, Shelia Noakes, you’re going to need it!


BBC : Ballsy British Cover-Up

Gill BBC Savile

Dame Janet Smith’s much awaited Inquiry into the BBC’s systematic protection of VIP Paedophiles finally reported this week.

However its release and impact have been overshadowed by #Brexit.

Hats off to Peter Brookes for his sketch in today’s Times.

Savile BBC Gill 2

Eric Gill designed the famous Gill font as well as the Prospero & Ariel sculpture outside the BBC building in Central London.

His biographer later revealed that Gill was a sexual predator whose victims included his daughters, his sisters and his dog.

Chris Patten headed up the BBC Trust when the Savile revelations emerged but never got round to removing Gill’s sculpture.

As Chancellor of Oxford University Patten has defended free speech and the continued presence of a statue of Cecil Rhodes.

Would Patten therefore also defend Gill’s statue and any other piece of paedophile propaganda?