UK Universities to give away football tickets, iPads, & Masters Degrees

UK Universities are adopting aggressive marketing strategies to compete in the Global Higher Education supermarket according to today’s Sunday Times.

As well as offering free masters, iPads, and Premier League Football tickets, Universities are also incentivising overseas students to recruit their spouses and siblings.

The Sunday Times editorial wonders how long before students at Oxford are offered action figures of Cecil Rhodes and, in the case of St Andrews, the chance to marry a member of the royal family.

It claims that “Universities are now so desperate for custom they could teach supermarkets a thing or two about sales.”

Surely it would be more appropriate to compare universities with banking cartels.

iPads and Premier League tickets make for great teasers but — after recent Brexit downgrades — how long before the universities start also offering haircuts?

Cameron and Letwin plotted to cap bank tax

The Sunday Times claim a leaked document has revealed that David Cameron and Oliver Letwin wanted to “cap taxes for the banks”.

According to the leaked memo Letwin endorsed Cameron’s plans for an “aggregated City tax take” which would have prevented the government from increasing the banking levy.

The cap on the banking levy was proposed in the early days of the coalition, but was blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

The memo reveals that Letwin suggested that a cap on taxes should have started with a “small club” of high street banks belonging to the British Bankers Association.

“If this worked, we could move on to the hedge funds”, Letwin added.

When asked about the bank tax proposal yesterday Letwin claimed to have “absolutely no recollection”.


What happened to that €1.1 trillion ?

stealing QE

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Handing €1.1 trillion of public money to ANONYMOUS bankers with no publicly available audit trail is an act so corrupt as to be beyond comprehension.

Yet that is what has happened to residents of that well known museum — the European Union.

Inventing Money

The European Central Bank, owner of the world’s third biggest money printing machine — behind the Federal Reserve’s and the People’s Bank of China’s — has already printed and distributed the best part of a trillion Euros to private financial institutions in exchange for various bonds over a two year period.

In November 2014 just as they started what became known as their Quantitative Easing (ECB QE) programme, I asked them to publicly state exactly which bonds they were printing money to buy.

Seeing as they were spending billions of euros of public money per month during a time of extreme austerity – it felt normal that EU citizens be told how the money was being spent.


The only information the public had been told at that time was that the ECB were buying repackaged bank loans (Covered Bonds) and Asset Backed Securities (ABSs) in order to stop deflation and maintain inflation at 2%.

Despite the simple nature of my request — I asked for a country by country, bank by bank, product by product breakdown including ‘ISIN’ Codes for what the ECB had been buying — the bank refused to disclose the full nature of its holdings.


This week, more than a year and a half after I originally asked them, the ECB — and the European Ombudsman — ruled against my appeal for transparency.

Click below for the link to the EU Ombudsman decision on the case:

But the question remains: What happened to the money?


Bizarrely the woman who runs the European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, has a reputation for being a fair-minded adjudicator.

This week the Irish papers portrayed O’Reilly as a friend of transparency who had rebuked the Irish Central Bank and the ECB for not publishing their correspondence during the Irish Bailouts of 2010.

If only those newspapers had known how O’Reilly has sided with commercial confidentiality and non-disclosure of the multibillion Euro QE recipients.

O’Reilly ruled in favour of the ECB without once consulting me — the complainant — to find out why I had brought the case or to let me challenge the groupthink logic of her flawed judgment.

Too little, too late

Ironically on the date of the ruling (18th July 2016) the ECB itself announced that another slice of its QE programme, the Corporate Bond Purchase Programme, would publish its ISIN codes.

This is a screenshot of the paywalled Financial Times story with the announcement about the new stance on ISIN codes.

ft ISINsHow funny that I had to wait 18 months to get a definitive ‘no’ on receiving the ISIN codes for the Covered Bond and ABS QE programme, only for the Corporate Bond Purchase Programme to publish its ISIN codes on the very same day.

A Pyrrhic Victory perhaps?

Time will Tell.

Corruptissima respublica, plurimae leges

The most corrupt state, the most laws – Tacitus

My feeling is that the ECB don’t want to the public to know how much they are protecting the very same German financiers that benefited from the ECB’s imposition of austerity, deregulation and privatisation policies in southern Europe.

I believe the worst offender is DePfa / Deutsche Pfandbriefe.

Just as the IRA and Baader Meinhoff are known for their politically inspired terror campaigns in the 1970s so has Deutsche Pfandbriefe exported financial terrorism throughout Europe from its tax avoiding, financial engineering Dublin Headquarters as of the early 2000’s when it re-domiciled to save cash.

ECB QE and commercial confidentiality for public money are the very definition of double standards and, in this case, perpetuate the myth that North Europeans are honest and that everyone else is corrupt.

I appreciate that this is not something many people are willing to accept – such is the scale of our programming.

Just as with PPP / PFI in the UK, commercial confidentiality and financial engineering remain the respectable face of corporate fascism and fraud.

For more adventures in Bazookanomics:

Corbyn ‘delighted’ Remain Camp Boss just two days before EU Referendum

Jeremy Corbyn delighted Remain Boss, Roland Rudd, with his multiple TV appearances & speeches in the run-up to the EU referendum vote.

Rudd admitted this on Bloomberg TV two days before the vote.

The exact quote is at 3m 37s:

Yet Angela Eagle, Hillary Benn, Chuka Umunna, & Seema Malhotra have repeatedly claimed Corbyn did not do enough.

They can’t all be right.

Iraq Cover Up

So many Labour MPs voted for the Iraq war, Tuition Fees, and for airstrikes on Syria — they all wanted Corbyn out of the way before last week’s Chilcot Iraq Inquiry.

Therefore ‘Blairites’ blame Corbyn for their own inability to defend the EU.

Disdain for Democracy

New Labour’s disdain for democracy becomes clearest when nominating successors.

Coming up with a challenger to Corbyn, has put them in total disarray.


How ironic that — given their individual ambition — New Labour dinosaurs are incapable of leadership or collective decision-making.

What Next?

What will they do next to persuade the country to vote for them?

More Project Fear?

No Charisma

Angela Eagle is an experienced parliamentarian but has no charisma and was never more than a junior minister.


Her wooden PMQ’s performance in December 2015 against the equally wooden George Osborne was obviously stage-managed with both sides’s lines seemingly written by the same team.

Perhaps a clue lies in the fact that Angela Eagle shared the same Pro-EU platform with Roland Rudd’s sister Amber Rudd in the week before the Referendum.

eagle rudd


(B)anal Banter with Blair & Blunt

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 09.16.43

It is well known that Tony Blair has friends in high places and that, legally speaking, he knows how to get away with anything.

Teflon Tony

He is known as Teflon Tony because, although bad things are said about him, nothing ever sticks.

His greatest skill is his ability to use the legal system to do bad things — for which the rest of the world must pay the price.

True Cost

The Home Office recently refused to admit the cost of policing Blair despite the fact that it is paid out of public money.

But the authorities have been convinced that the true details of David Kelly’s death should remain secret.

Today Blair will make a press statement following the Chilcot Report. It is highly unlikely that he will act honourably and accept culpability.

Instead he will blame others or beg for sympathy.

There have been at least five known attempts to Arrest Blair

When he spoke at the Libya Inquiry in Parliament, in December, security was high but justice was not delivered.

Come to Popper

Perhaps on the day of Blair’s long-awaited December 11th appearance in Parliament, the chair of the Defence Select Committee, Crispin Blunt, was more concerned with his own views on the then looming Psychoactive Substances Bill, and in particular the statement he was to dramatically made the House in January 2016, in which he outed himself as a parliamentarian with a penchant for soon-to-be-illegal poppers.

The Independent’s Tom Peck wrote a good piece on January’s poppers ban and the pleasures of anal sex with the current chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz.

If Blunt took more of a stand over things like Brexit, and the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya — the matter of something as straightforward as poppers might have been far more easily resolved.

Letwin & Brexit

Yesterday Blunt’s Select Committee hosted Oliver Letwin on the subject of Brexit negotiations.

These are interesting times in which the likes of Blunt are supposed to save us from the worst excesses of the Letwins and the Blairs.

We’ll need far more than amyl-nitrate if we’re to stand any chance of surviving.

Letwin on Brexit

letwin brexit

Oliver “Deregulation Bill” Letwin has been appointed head of the Number 10 Brexit Unit.

In this Defence Select Committee video taken today he is questioned about the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

Given that he is ex-Rothschild and the author of a book called Privatising the World, campaigners are understandably worried.

As of 2015 his wife Isabel was still head of Legal Services at the Department of Health.

Some campaigners view this is a conflict of interest.

Brexit London: We are Scaling?

How does scaling benefit London?

Does the same principle apply to Brussels?

Should power in Brussels really be seen as so much worse than in London?

Izabella Kaminska asked Geoffrey Brian West at the FT’s Festival of Finance.

London Museums targeted by Protestors due to Oil & Arms sponsorship

The British Museum and the London Transport Museum were targeted by activists yesterday afternoon.


Both Museums take sponsorship money from serial human rights offenders BP and weapons manufacturer Thales.

mermaid 2

For more information on the protest click here

Food Crisis, Jo Cox, Rampant PR

Food crisis Vs Financial crisis

Food giants Mars and Cargill, and the World Wildlife Fund, are partnering with the US Defense Department to role play future food crises.

Participants start off declaring that poverty alleviation is the key to reducing terrorism and war and that the US private sector can provide the technology we need to feed the world.

After a while the executives sound much less concerned with world hunger and terrorism than shareholder value and global markets.

This discussion took place yesterday as part of the the Food Chain Reaction programme.

No such thing as a free gift

Bill Gates is a well known champion of GM food technology in Africa and the Gates Foundation hugely influences global health and agricultural policy.

This Guardian article highlights The Gates Foundation’s investments in global food companies Monsanto and Cargill.

The newspaper in which this article appeared is sponsored by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

GM Food

This Monsanto video is for an initiative that receives funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

But not everyone wants GM food in Africa.


This 2015 Paper on Bill Gates’s Agricultural Neo-Colonialism in Africa is by the African Centre for Biodiversity

Sociologist Linsey McGoey recently wrote No Such Thing as a Free Gift — a book about Bill Gates and Philanthrocapitalism.

Here she discusses her book with the Hudson Institute, an influential US think tank.


McGoey’s book builds on the Charles Piller 2007 article on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s finances.

This is a 2014 follow up:

Jo Cox

The recent tragic murder of former Oxfam policy chief and MP, Jo Cox, highlights the fact that the Global Development Agenda at the G8, UN, World Economic Forum, Oxfam and Save the Children is run by people whom the public knows very little about.

According to her LinkedIn profile Cox worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for several months before becoming an MP and did several years at Oxfam in the UK, Brussels, and New York.

Although she was one of the MPs to nominate Corbyn, she later admitted she regretted it and eventually voted for the Blairite candidate Liz Kendall.

Her credentials as a right-winger were reinforced when she spoke on BBC Breakfast the day after the recent 2016 local elections to claim that Labour had performed badly.

Even as she spoke the results on the screen said quite clearly that the Labour Party had won more than double the amount of councils in England than the Tories.

TTIP, Syria, GM Food, Blair

Like the other Blairites, Jo Cox was silent on TTIP, which it is feared will allow US firms to sell GM food in the UK. This is consistent with her position of World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, her work with Oxfam and Bill Gates, and with her close relationship with Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, and fellow MP and former World Economic Forum director, Stephen Kinnock.

In 2010 The World Economic Forum (WEF) produced the Global Redesign Initiative (GRI). The WEF is the place where Public meets Private. GRI is criticised in a Transnational Institute report here.

The WEF was founded in 1971 and calls for more Public Private Partnerships (PPP) — the financing system that has effectively bankrupted the UK’s NHS.

In her favour, Jo Cox was on the Department of Communities and Local Government Select Committee and is the only person to have asked any decent questions during the ongoing inquiry into Local Council Loans also known as LOBOs in which many councils in the UK were missold loans by large banks like Barclays and RBS.

But she did not vote against the UK bombing Syria, instead she abstained.

Her widow Brendan Cox is good friends with Justin Forsyth who is now at UNICEF but was also at Oxfam and Save the Children and is reputed to be close to both Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Forsyth went from Oxfam to Downing Street in 2004 to organise Make Poverty History for New Labour and portray Blair and Brown  as humanitarians not warmongers.

When Brown lost the election in 2010 Forsyth joined Save the Children.

Forsyth then organised for Bill Gates to take centre stage and talk about feeding the world at Hyde Park during the G8 weekend in 2013 just like he had done in 2005.

Raj Patel said at the time that the 2013 G8’s stance on supplying nutrition to the poor was an example of the depoliticisation of poverty.

This was the same 2013 G8 at which David Cameron and Barack Obama announced the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


Forsyth also appointed former PR man David Cameron’s wife Samantha Cameron as an ambassador of Save the Children in 2011.


In November 2014 Forsyth controversially allowed Tony Blair to be awarded a Global Legacy Award for his philanthropy work.

Further scandal followed when Brendan Cox was sacked from Save the Children in 2015 after allegations of misconduct.

Like Jo Cox, Brendan Cox is a member of the World Economic Forum Young Leaders Forum and worked as an advisor to Gordon Brown with Justin Forsyth before joining him at Save the Children in 2010.

The thing that becomes clear upon researching these characters is the blurred boundaries between Charity, Philanthropy, Media, PR, Parliamentary Politics, Foreign Policy and Big Business.

Big PR

Save the Children’s Chairman Alan Parker runs PR firm Brunswick and is known to have had clients from Mining, Banking, Defence, Nuclear, Oil, Gas, Coal, Biomass, Fracking, Supermarkets, and Publishing sectors.

Ex PM Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah Brown used to work for Parker at Brunswick and Gordon Brown himself is Godfather to Parker’s son.

Current PM David Cameron attended Parker’s wedding and holidayed with him in South Africa in 2008.

In his book Mad Men & Bad Men: What Happened When British Politics Met Advertising Sam Delaney outlines the effect advertisers Saatchi and Saatchi and PR man Tim Bell had on Tory policy in the 20th Century and the similar techniques that got New Labour in.

If Delaney were to do an up to date version he would have to include Parker’s Brunswick and Mandelson’s friend Roland Rudd’s Finsbury International.

Rudd’s sister Amber happens to be Energy Secretary and appeared in full attack dog mode in the TV debates defending the role of Britain in the EU.

She was also a consultant on the film four weddings and a funeral.

The Freuds

The last piece in the PR jigsaw is the Freuds. The revelations about Clement Freud being a serial paedophile and rapist had minimal impact despite their shocking nature.

Clement Freud’s son Matthew runs a top PR firm and was married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter for many years.

Matthew’s daughter Emma is married to Richard Curtis who directed four weddings and a funeral and runs comic relief.

Comic relief use Matthew Freud’s agency and bring Bob Geldof and Bill Gates in the picture too.

Bob Geldof