Infosys deal means Sunak must resign

Chancellor’s family directly benefit from mini India Trade Deal

Scrap Book: 27th April 2021 kjn;nk

#StalkingRegister U-Turn, Racist Jo Johnson Silent Amelia Gentleman #DomesticAbuseBill

The Conservative Lord Jo Johnson, brother of the PM, and husband of Guardian “Windrush” Journalist Amelia Gentleman, has been voting in favour of the Government’s Domestic Abuse Bill and against a #StalkingRegister. The bill will make it more likely that immigrant female victims of domestic abuse will get deported if they report violent crime to…

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey in another corrupt Media PR operation

Andrew Bailey is referred to in this FT piece as though he has some sort of track record preventing fraud. He doesn’t. For some reason, “comments have not been enabled for this article” Bailey was asked about lessons learned from the London Capital & Finance scandal. The scandal itself is barely mentioned in the article….

How the City went Woke ?

Woke This Way The Times of London tends to issue anti-woke UK Government propaganda from behind a paywall. A paywall that is thankfully not impossible to bypass. In today’s business section is the following offering: It is interesting to see the word ‘woke’ used when referring to the City. As if to imply that the…

Murdoch backs Hancock over Mandatory Vaccines for care workers

Over the course of eight paragraphs today’s Times argues that the jab should be mandatory for all care workers. It goes a little something like this (italics being The Times) : The Times view on mandatory Covid vaccination for health and care workers: Taking Care It is an unprecedented and controversial step. But ministers should…