BBC to Broadcast Trump State Visit despite White House ban on BBC reporters

Donald Trump’s Administration has taken another step toward becoming a full dictatorship by banning the BBC and several other ‘dishonest media’ from the White House’s daily briefing.

The President’s favourites far-right Breitbart, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network, and even Turkish State Media were allowed to attend yesterday’s off-television briefing.

Which means Trump now respects Turkey’s press more than Britain’s.

Will the BBC really broadcast Trump shaking the Queen’s hand while its own reporters, unlike Turkey’s, are banned from participating in the White House’s Briefings?

Another national humiliation.

What about our Special Relationship?

By Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s own definition the United States is moving the US from democracy toward dictatorship:


As most of the Press have been critical of the White House’s use of alternative facts since day one, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner should be interesting this year:

Banned Outlets





The Daily Mail (including a list of who was and wasn’t invited):










TEFL in London

Going round the room this morning I asked people where they were from.

Krys, from Poland, said he had lived in South America for 24 years. I asked him if he was an Engineer.

“No, I am a missionary.”

Christ, I thought.

“Does that make you a Catholic Priest?”

“Yes. I have been here in London for three weeks. I will work here now. Mainly with people from Latin America.”

I told him about a friend who got into Voodoo in Brazil – with some Christianity and Shamanism thrown in.

Krys says Voodoo is just one of a whole family of similar religions.

We discussed Ayuhuasca. I asked some of the women in the room if they would consider giving it all up and moving to the forest. There wasn’t too much interest.

Next to Krys was Ana Lucia. She’s from near Milan and is off to South Sudan to help with the famine. Krys told me that Ana Lucia used to live in Brazil too. They were very near each other.  She was an accountant for an NGO. A missionary in her own right. Funny that. Having two of them next to each other. Especially as I’d never met one before.  At least not in class. Actually there was that one from Taiwan the other day. She was off to help kids with HIV in Kenya.

Some good people out there!

Cycling back through West Hampstead I got stuck in Storm Doris. Nearly got knocked off the bike. Saw cute girl I used to go to school with. Still looking good.

Then more interesting chats with another student. Talking about arguments used in court cases to get your guilty client off.

Apparently the thing to do is to  drag the case out then tell the judge he made a minor procedural error. Aim to get a retrial and then rely on the state’s desperation to get a quick conviction — that should get the conviction cut.

Oh well, I’ll flip you for it.

Harrumph. Given that no-one actually reads this blog it will come as no surprise that my attempts at conventional blogging are to be abandoned in favour of a more relaxed stream of consciousness perhaps in line with whatever I was doing  a couple of years ago when I first started posting blogs on this website.

I recall the first few controversial posts all of which were taken down in November 2015 mainly due to the amount of grief I got for them.

Grief I now view as an achievement — at least people read them!

Oh well.

Things were different then. I’ve done my time. UB Devoid.

Telegraph tell of Putin’s UKIP fear in Stoke

How can the Chief Political Correspondent and Deputy Political Editor of The Telegraph put their names by this muck?

Desperate stuff to get UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall into Parliament.


Councils use Rogue Landlord Database cash to fund deportation raids

In September the Radical Housing Network revealed that government money originally earmarked for protecting vulnerable tenants from unscrupulous landlords is  being used to fund deportation raids.

The following pieces appeared in RT and VICE.


This is how the Daily Mail spin it:

Below is how Capita are profiting —  by selling councils the Rogue Landlord Database for them to populate:






President Trump rude to Jewish and African American Reporters in first solo press conference

The President was rude to Jewish and African American reporters yesterday, uttered untruths about his election results, and was combative when asked about about his campaign’s contact with Russia.

He also contradicted himself over the sacking of senior adviser Mike Flynn.

Trump accuses all journalists of issuing fake news — consistent with his senior advisor Steve Bannon’s statements that the Press are the enemy.

April Ryan

Trump tells journalist April Ryan he would be happy to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. He asks her if she’s friends with the Black Caucus and if she wants to set up the meeting. Even though he is showing interest in arranging a meeting many would regard this to be racist because of way Trump speaks to the reporter. Asking her if she wants to arrange the meeting implies he views her as a civil rights campaigner and not a proper journalist.

Seth Myers

Stephen Colbert

Dance to the Muzak – Bannon and Trump read the Crowd

According to Dale Purves what we hear is often determined by our Darwinian programming which filters out sounds that don’t help us reproduce.

Purves points to the McGurk Effect:

How does this apply to modern politics?

As mentioned in a previous post Lord Ashcroft has released Hopes and Fears based on polling he did in the US 2016 Presidential election.

In it he publishes a graph of how voters from different points in the political spectrum responded to controversial questions such as whether Barack Obama was born outside the USA or if Hillary Clinton is ‘culpable for murder’.

Here are some of the results:

Given the McGurk Effect, it’s not hard to see how easily clickbait, fake news and filter bubbles feed off our predictable irrationality and confirmation bias.

This cognitive perfect storm creates  blindspots in society that allow vast chunks of the population to ditch their own interests and plump for Trump.

The current US President once said he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose a single vote.

By reading the crowd and making the right noises, Trump has been able to say and do anything and still win.

The McGurk Effect doesn’t just apply to Trump’s high visibility and invincibility but also to the powerlessness of his voters.

Steve Bannon now supposedly runs America on behalf of the American People but very little about him is known. Bannon may have helped Trump tap into voters’ fears and anxieties but will he help deliver a better economy in time for re-election in 2020?

In an age of populism and demagoguery Bannon and Trump have somehow ended up delivering for Goldman Sachs — the ultimate con.

Trump, May, & Farage deliver the anti-establishment messages but it’s Steve Bannon, Rupert Murdoch and Goldman Sachs who really benefit.

Trump hands keys to Goldman Sachs

Bins financial regulation & consumer protection

But there is some hope, Government Sachs are facing some resistance outside their offices.

It was said that US authorities under Obama were worried that European banks would behave badly if TTIP had gone through.

These new arrangements have restored their licence to misbehave.